Sunday, September 23, 2012

Houston Police v. Schizophrenic Amputee

Mentally ill people from working class or poor families are killed by police officers throughout the nation at an alarming rate. Usually one or two such deaths are reported in mainstream media each week, but many more deaths happen behind bars among approximately 1.25 million mentally ill prisoners in America. Those killings may be suppressed in news reports like Larry Neal's murder was. He was both physically and mentally disabled, like the subject of today's tragic report was.
Mentally Ill Americans Deserve Dog Justice

Police: Cop Who Shot Double Amputee in the Head 'Did Not Violate Procedure' (Huffington Post)

Houston police killed a schizophrenic amputee in a wheelchair for allegedly threatening people with a pen.
What will Atty. Gen. Eric Holder do about

(CNN) -- A Houston police officer shot and killed a schizophrenic, wheelchair-bound double amputee threatening people with a pen at a group home for the mentally ill after authorities said the man advanced on the officer's partner.

Another news report: Matthew Marin, 5-yr HPD veteran, shot and killed Brian Claunch at a personal care home in Houston. Marin, who also fatally shot another suspect in 2009, felt a double amputee confined to a wheelchair threatened his and his partner's life. Claunch was armed 
according to police reports [with a silver writing pen]. Police were called to the East End personal care home around 2 a.m. after Claunch became agitated because his caretaker refused to give him a soda and a cigarette.

Claunch's family is lucky that their relative was killed before witnesses, leaving no opportunity for a cover-up. Therefore, the system need not subject his survivors to censorship, burglaries, and gangstalking. Hopefully, there will be no Cochran Firm-type lawyer fraud to prevent a lawsuit from being filed if survivors choose to do so, and no payoffs to government officials and the media, etc. to keep the case hidden. The schizophrenic amputee's family already knows the circumstances of the victim's death. Thus, they will not have to file Freedom of Information Act requests that authorities ignore. Deaths of mentally ill Americans that happen in the public are difficult to contain, like Kelly Thomas's fatal beating by Fullerton, CA police officers. 

Our condolences to Claunch's family and their close friends. May God have mercy and comfort you in your grief.

Read more about the case at these links: 
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UPDATE:  The FBI is investigated this tragedy. NOTHING happened.

Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
sister of murdered mentally ill heart patient - Wrongful Death of Larry Neal (covered-up police murder)
director of Dog Justice for Mentally Ill

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MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Added four recent mentally challenged police victims to "Don't Let This Become Nazi America" article in this blog since the date of publication:

Brian Claunch, a mentally ill double amputee was shot by police on September 26. Police were called to a Houston, Texas care home because Claunch became agitated when his caretaker refused to give him a soda and a cigarette and threatened him with an ink pen. Police shot him dead;

Sept. 7, 2012 - Walwyn "Smiley" Jackson - suicidal new father who was depressed over joblessness and threatening suicide. He was shot dead by police;

Sept. 26, 2012 - Bah Mohamed - distraught cab driver/student whose mom called NYPD for help when her son would not answer the door. He was shot dead by police;

A 9-yr-old Autistic child was beaten by police who blackened his eye.The child was arrested on assault charges at Baldwin South Intermediate School in Quincy, Illinois.