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Killing Mentally Ill Georgians Is Habitual

Mentally challenged people are regularly killed in Georgia with or without a death warrant. Brandon Rhode died a horrendous, torturous death by execution -- killed by lethal injection drugs imported from behind a British bicycle shop. The young man was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. He lived a short, troubled life before being charged with murder and sentenced to death. Brandon was so afraid that he tried to commit suicide by cutting his own throat days before his execution. But Brandon failed and died a slow, brutal death on Georgia's execution table. Numerous other mentally challenged Georgians have been similarly put down like rabid dogs since Brandon, who is pictured below. See the wound on his neck from his failed suicide.

Killings of mentally ill people happen outside of prisons and jails, also. The nation was saddened this spring by the death of a U.S. Air Force veteran who went jogging naked. Because Anthony Hill, 27, was naked, it should have been obvious to DeKalb County Police Officer Robert Olsen that Hill had no weapon. It should have been possible for police officers to capture Hill without lethal force, but Olsen shot Hill and then used the universally accepted words: "I feared for my life." That explanation is especially effective killings of unarmed mental patients, it seems. It is as though eugenicists have ordered police to kill mentally ill Americans, including our veterans whose minds were affected in service to their country. See Hill, who was killed for streaking, in a photo below.
Murder of Matthew Ajibade, a bipolar computer science student, in police custody, and cover-up
The death of a 21-year-old computer science student in police custody has been ruled a homicide from blunt force trauma and has resulted in the termination of nine deputies who strapped him to a restraining chair on New Year’s Day 2015 and allegedly beat him to death. Although the county attorney’s office initially claimed that the deputies were fired last month (April 2015) for general policy violations, the coroner confirmed that the deputies lost their jobs on the same day that he signed the student’s death certificate. The student’s family only became aware of the death certificate’s existence after a photograph of the document was leaked on social media. Ajibade lived in an Atlanta suburb. His girlfriend reportedly told police that Ajibade had been diagnosed as having bipolar disorder three years ago, and that was probably why he was murdered.
I found it especially unacceptable for Georgia to execute Warren Hill. Hill allegedly killed his cellmate by bashing his head with a board of wood with nails driven through it. How did Hill get such a weapon in a controlled environment? Why did the mentally ill killer even have a cellmate? (Hill was incarcerated after doing another murder.) Hill was not the first mentally ill man in Georgia to kill his cellmate. It also happened in DeKalb County Jail a few years ago. I fear that if this trend continues to be successful, inmates the prison guards dislike will be matched with homicidal mental patients like Hill, who are equipped with deadly weapons that nobody accounts for them having.

Like all metropolitan areas in America, mentally ill citizens in the Atlanta area are being killed behind bars and on our streets, with or without due process of law. Because I write reports about these deaths, my computers and phones are attacked. I suspect this is done by DeKalb County Police, since they flatly refused to trace the IP addresses I gave police on a complaint, thinking that they would locate and charge the hackers. Instead, a DeKalb County Detective Miller told me it is NOT illegal to takeover my computers and phones, preventing incoming and outgoing calls, steal my emails, and steal documents from my computer's hard drive. This interference worsens as I complain rather than decreasing. I know of no exception to Americans' First Amendment rights if those rights are used to advocate for alternatives to homelessness, imprisonment, and deaths of mentally ill people. 

I just wrote tweets to DeKalb County's acting CEO Lee May and told him how disturbing I find my computer and phone sabotage to be. I had written to the prior CEO, also, via emails. After receiving no response, I went to the DeKalb County Government building to apply for a meeting with Ellis in person. Burrell Ellis gave the impression of ignoring me, but I don't think he did. In fact, the day after I tried to see Ellis, two police officers arrived at my home with a mental health worker to threaten me not to ever tell police superiors about police ignoring my complaints. That was a rude, outright violation against my civil rights if not a criminal violation of the public trust. I think Ellis sent them. Officials like to pretend not to know about my illegal oppression, especially those who have a duty to correct such conditions once they know about them. Ellis faces incarceration himself at this time on charges for other corruption. God fights for righteousness. 

Georgia pretends to be proud of one of its most famous native sons - Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., who spent his adult life urging America to "be true to what she said on paper" and honor the human and civil rights of all its citizens. He organized pickets and marches throughout the South and in Washington, D.C. to alert the world to how African Americans were being treated sub-human. When I went downtown Atlanta in 2010 and stood on the corner of Auburn Avenue, the street where Dr. King was born, where it intersects with Peachtree Street, I warned my people that The Cochran Firm frauds had been awarded a dismissal in "Neals v. The Cochran Firm" on the supposition that the Atlanta office, where I served suit, was not a Cochran Firm office. I told passers-by about my mentally ill brother's lynching, which The Cochran Firm's deliberately prevented from going to court, although the firm was under contract to work in the Neals' interests. 

I picketed there because The Cochran Firm was again in the position to defraud a black family in a wrongful death by police case, the murder of 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston, who Atlanta police killed in a home invasion in 2006. Black police officers arrived and threatened me, telling me I'd better get my ass home before they Taser and arrest me. When I complained to officials, the city's mayor, Kasim Reed, and mostly black administrators told me they thought the police did the right thing. In Nazi Germany, elders were killed right along with the 300,000 mentally ill people of all races, in order to make an "efficient nation." I have proof that the Kathryn Johnston case was also mishandled.

One of the main reasons for my surveillance and violations against my First Amendment rights probably happen is because I exposed The Cochran Firm fraud against African Americans. The Cochran Firm defrauded my family while under contract as our wrongful death attorneys for my handicapped brother, Larry Neal. We then sued for malpractice and fraud, but The Cochran Firm committed perjury which was accepted by two Atlanta, Georgia courts - Georgia Superior Court and United States District Court (USDC). The firm claimed not to have any law offices at all in Georgia. Now The Cochran Firm is in California courts conflicting its own statements made in the Georgia courts. It claims in California that all Cochran Firm offices are one firm. I believe The Cochran Firm may be a continuation of the CoIntelPro program, whose mandate was to "keep wealth out of black hands." Central California USDC pronounced on May 12, 2015, that The Cochran Firm is NOT a law firm. That should end the covert racism against its own clients by these officers of the court. See the court order below in the article below: "Cochran Firm Fraud Fails in California Court"

I continue to advocate for mentally ill Americans, who are treated like the "least among us, His brethren." It is dangerous to threaten the prison industrial complex, which makes most of its $100billion per year by imprisoning America's mentally ill citizens. Therefore, I report anything that makes me uncomfortable but usually not in this blog, which might be read by persons who are particularly sensitive regarding this issue - mentally ill Americans and their families. I felt very uncomfortable when a U.S. Marshal came to my house and warned me about a murder suspect with an automatic weapon he claimed was living two doors away from me, and I made the report in my "FreeSpeakBlog". The marshal could not explain why he did not search the house he spoke about or why the Government felt I should receive a direct warning while none of my neighbors were warned. It seemed to be more government intimidation.

I continue to struggle for satisfactory closure regarding my personal justice quest regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, who was murdered in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003 after 18 days of secret arrest. At AIMI, we continue to advocate for 1.25 million mentally ill Americans behind bars who should be in hospitals or community care under assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) programs. It is very difficult to do this work with inadequate equipment. I noted today that my cellphone cannot take pictures (a new phone), and my computer is being attacked more frequently. I object to these intrusions against my human and civil rights, and I am not afraid to object all the way to the United Nations. When people anywhere are being targeted for isolation and murdered en masse, as mentally ill people are in the United States, it should be addressed by the United Nations and all world citizens. See "AIMI vs. USA" online.

To increase security, I immediately share whatever happens with the public via Internet. I will continue to do that at least until the Trans-Pacific Partnership Act (TPP) deletes Americans' freedom of press online. Then we will find other ways to communicate. Slaves did, civil rights advocates did in the 1960's, and so will we find alternative methods to give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. This work will continue, no matter who objects to mentally ill Americans having human rights. As I have told CoIntelPro repeatedly, I am not their slave. Please follow me at Twitter, where I am @koffietime > 

Advocacy article by MaryLovesJustice Neal
Director of "Human Rights Demand" channel at Blogtalkradio
Website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
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(Police may not let my phone ring. I'm sorry.)
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