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Hello and welcome to all families of mentally ill Americans who are wrongly incarcerated for offenses that arose from mental health problems or who face an increased risk for imprisonment due to a common, health condition. Greetings to everyone who has been victimized or have/had relatives and friends who were abused or killed by extrajudicial police violence. This human rights advocate empathizes with you because of the murder under secret arrest of Larry Neal in 2003 and oppression to keep his death covered-up http://WrongfulDeathofLarryNeal.com . I spoke about it on the brief video embedded below, filmed by Press TV in 2012, which is also at YouTube link http://youtu.be/584tgKJwobY . The video is about systemic racism in America, but acute mental patients, especially those who lack wealth, are at risk no matter what their race is. Search this blog for the video of a Caucasian, Kelly Thomas, being killed by police in California.

It is painful to lose relatives to violence or avoidable deaths and injuries caused by negligence. Yet that is a danger everyone in a society faces when acute mental patients lack proper treatment and subsistence assistance. Assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) programs have proved to reduce homelessness, arrests, hospitalizations and incarceration by 85% or better among program participants in New York when compared to their experiences three years before joining an AOT program that mandates psychiatric treatment and provides subsistence assistance.

I believe that together, you and I can Change things. Homelessness, prison, and death must no longer be America's answers to poverty and mental illness. Acute mental patients do not usually vote for politicians who pass laws and decide budgets that have tremendous impact on their lives, but their millions of relatives and friends do. Every area should have police officers trained to deal with mentally challenged people without violence as well as sufficient hospital beds for inpatients for crisis intervention and for long-term care. Mental ill people in America who require containment must become hospital inpatients rather than prison inmates. Mental illness is like physical diseases such as heart trouble or diabetes in that it requires continual monitoring by health care professionals. That is why every community also needs active AOT programs to promote community safety, reduce its prison budget, and help acute mental patients be restored to wholesome living. The good news is that caring for the mentally ill saves money. Treatment Advocacy Center reports:

A study of mandatory outpatient treatment costs published today in the American Journal of Psychiatry found that use of assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) can vastly reduce overall costs of mental health services for persons with serious mental illness.

“Common sense has always argued that treating people with severe mental illness is a lot cheaper than arresting, jailing and/or hospitalizing them – not to mention more humane,” said Doris A. Fuller, executive director. “Now Duke University and its research partners have produced the numbers to validate it.”

I believe most Americans are decent people who would care about marginalized psychiatric patients and vote for public officials who are committed to improving their conditions. However, people can only care about conditions that they know about. Articles in "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog are published to inform and recruit the general public to help give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. You assist in this justice quest every time you share an article or video from this blog with your online networks. You are invited to "follow this blog" by using the widget in the upper right margin and read more articles listed in the blog's index. Over a million incarcerated mental patients and families of murdered and abused sick people thank you for your concern.

Animal rights laws prevent dogs from being treated like my brother Larry Neal and other psychiatric patients in this blog were. Everybody deserves at least "Dog Justice."

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Anna Brown - St. Mary's Casualty

Sixteen months ago, Anne Brown, a 29-year-old homeless mother, went to three hospitals complaining of leg pain in the days leading up to her death, including her visit to St. Mary's, where medical personnel called police and had her arrested for trespassing. Police officers wheeled Brown out of the hospital in handcuffs after a doctor said she was healthy enough to be locked up. She died in her jail cell a short time later.

An autopsy determined that Anna Brown's death was caused by blood clots that formed in her legs and migrated to her lungs, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. The newspaper also obtained surveillance footage of the woman's final moments. In the video, officers are seen carrying Brown into a jail cell. The cell door closes, and Brown is heard moaning and crying. The video can be seen at YouTube http://youtu.be/_qxKQpQotSo and embedded below.

Anne Brown was was emotionally stressed by her dire economic conditions. A New Year's Eve tornado in 2010 destroyed Brown's home in north St. Louis home, the Post-Dispatch reported. She and her two children moved to Berkeley, a St. Louis suburb, and she lost her job at a sandwich shop soon afterward. According to the Post-Dispatch, her utilities were shut off because she stopped paying her bills. After a child welfare agent who visited the home in April found a feces-filled toilet, burn marks on the floor where Brown had lit fires to keep warm and other distressing signs, Brown was arrested for parental neglect. Police reported at the time that she seemed confused, the newspaper reported. Brown's mother assumed guardianship of the children but was not permitted to let Brown live with them. Brown lived in shelters until her death.

Homelessness, prison and death must stop being America's response to poverty and mental illness.

Read the entire US News article about Anne Brown at this link

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Georgia Execution: Mentally Ill Warren Hill

DEATH PENALTY NEWS: No action has been brought against the State of Georgia for locking a defenseless inmate in a cell with a mentally ill killer, Warren Hill, who was somehow armed with a board of wood with nails driven through it. Hill beat the defenseless inmate to death. Hill won another stay of execution, and his death warrant expired on July 20. If Hill's execution is ever carried out, it will signal to correctional officers across the country that all they need do to rid themselves of inmates they despise is to lock them in cells with armed mentally ill inmates like Hill, and no questions will be raised as to the prison's negligence or intentional setup for murder. There are currently 1.25 million mentally ill people incarcerated - plenty to go around. Everyone who cares about human rights for American prisoners should be very concerned about what happened to Hill's cellmate, because it could happen to any prisoner.

Other Georgia inmates have also been killed by their mentally ill cellmates, including an inmate in DeKalb County Jail. Prison investors should be concerned. This form of genocide might catch on nationwide and reduce America's prison population and profits.

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