Monday, August 20, 2012

Death by Firing Squad - Siginaw Mental Patient

PARAGRAPH 1 OF 3 --- ON JULY 1, 2012, SIX SIGINAW, MICHIGAN POLICE OFFICERS SHOT A MENTALLY ILL MAN - FIRING SQUAD STYLE. Milton Hall, 46, had a long history of acute mental illness. BEWARE - GRAPHIC, DISTURBING VIDEO embedded below and at YouTube link . Thank you, CNN, for airing this video and the news report. People cannot change problems they do not know exist. See more videos showing death-by-police beneath the embedded video. (Three numbered paragraphs, seven links in this article with one embedded video.) The U.S.A. has 1.25 million mentally ill inmates. America also has a growing death toll among blacks because so many do not make it to the jail alive.

Kelly Thomas
Sean LeVert
Tim Sauders
Larry Neal - No video, no records, no explanation, no excuse

PARAGRAPH 3 --- (Three numbered paragraphs, four links in this article w/ video, published by Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill and Dog Justice for Mentally Ill and sister of slain mentally ill man, Larry Neal Our condolences to family and friends. Thank you for your interest in justice issues from this laywoman's perspective. "Love ye one another." ~Holy Bible

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jessica Alopaeus: Close FL Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation!

On 8/13/12, Jessica Alopaeus via wrote:

I’ll never forget the day I got the phone call: My brother Peter Price, who suffered brain trauma from a bicycle accident, had swallowed 5 fish hooks and 22 AA batteries, in a desperate attempt to escape the rehabilitation center where he was abused. [Video Shows Alleged Abuse of Disabled Patient ]

I was devastated. Not long after Peter had been placed in the Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation (FINR), he had begun complaining that staff would frequently hold him down and punch him in the face and groin. He said he was locked in a tiny cabin for weeks.

The conditions Peter described were horrifying, and I tried to get him moved quickly. But he was in so much distress he couldn’t wait. He risked his life because he saw no other way out.

Today, Peter is doing well at a different rehabilitation center where he is tended to by a caring staff. But I was haunted when I learned that dozens of defenseless patients at FINR continued to face abuse.

That’s why I started a petition calling on the Department of Health to investigate and shut down Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation in light of hundreds of abuse allegations that have surfaced:

You can imagine how I felt when I read a Bloomberg News article last week that highlighted the stories of those abused: Danny Silva, an autistic patient assaulted by staff on camera; Michael Lieux, a Marine killed after staff pinned him down until he suffocated; and Reginald Hicks, a tube-fed patient who died after staff fed him food that lodged in his lungs.

Those stories are just the tip of the iceberg -- there have been more than 477 allegations of abuse at FINR since 2005. A congressional investigation found that staff prolonged the stays of patients to boost profits. Yet, FINR continues to operate and even accept new patients.
State agencies have swept the issue under the rug, but if thousands of  people sign my petition calling for a federal investigation, the Department of Health won’t be able to ignore us.
My brother is proud I’m speaking up for vulnerable brain injured patients like him – no one should have to go through the abuse that he did ever again.

Sign my petition calling on the Department of Health to investigate and shut down the Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation, which is facing more than 477 allegations of abuse of brain injured patients:
Thank you,
Jessica Alopaeus


I'm sorry your brain damaged brother suffered abuse and others are still being abused in the facility where he was warehoused. Mentally ill people and everyone with brain injuries are at risk for losing all human and civil rights. Do not forget that Florida is the state where a brain damaged woman was starved to death in March 2005. See "Schiavo's feeding tube removed" at this link . Brain injuries and mental illness are "illegal" health conditions punishable by death in USA. My own brother was murdered after being hidden in secret arrest - kidnapped - for 18 days in Shelby Co Memphis Jail. Google "WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL." I am very surprised they let you tell about your brother, Jessica. Are you being gangstalked and censored like I am yet? The responsibility to protect Americans' civil rights falls on the USDOJ, which helps cover up my brother's murder. Nevertheless, I am forwarding your complaint to the USDOJ and others. God bless you for trying to help brain damaged people like Kelly Thomas, Larry Neal, Tim Souders, Mitrice Richardson, Timothy Bulldog Allen, Patrick Toney, and a million others who are killed or jailed for their ILLEGAL health defects. I reported some of these abuses in my interview with PressTV this week. Unfortunately, there are cyberstalkers hired to prevent the truth about oppression going forth online. This article, for instance, is full of codes that may affect your access to the data at the five(5) links.
More about Jessica's justice quest for brain damaged people is at this link
 Patients at Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation need DOG JUSTICE.