Thursday, December 24, 2015

Feature Sgt. Brown on "Shattered Families"

Please honor dead veterans and others who were killed for being mentally ill by making a donation to the film "Shattered Families." Watch Sgt. James Brown die on the video below, for example. Say you are contributing for Sgt. Brown when you give, and his name will roll in the credits on the important film by Dr. Stephen B. Seager, featuring families of people with serious mental illness. Help make a great documentary that tells our stories. Sgt. Brown's death was ruled "natural" by officials. Learn more about "Shattered Families" at the following fundraiser site, where you are invited to make a contribution of any amount and have your own mentally ill relatives, friends, or neighbors added to the credits: Most Americans may not know that people with mental disabilities are tortured and killed in correctional facilities without accountability being demanded.

Thanks for being concerned about veterans with invisible wounds and all mentally ill Americans. Find more deceased mental patients to feature in credits for "Shattered Families" in our "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog at - Please give "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill." Please promote H.R.2646, "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act." Contact your elected representatives and demand that they also take this stand for human rights. Blessings.

Mary Neal,director
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Attempt to Murder AIMI's Director

There has been an attempt on my life, friends of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. Armed people arrived at my home on 9-11-15, caught sneeking through my backyard toward the front with guns drawn. I was on my porch speaking on the cellphone, and my grandchild ran after the cat and nearly crashed into a man and woman who were dressed like police in dark pants and jackets with white shirts. I learned that on August 12, the USDOJ revised its 15-year-old Agreement with the Memphis Shelby County Jail, where Larry Neal was murdered in 2003. Why revise an old Agreement that has already been discharged? I wrote at Twitter, where I am @koffietime, that I knew the revision had been done on September 27. Then, on  September 29, hackers destroyed my borrowed computer, which was loaned to me after hackers destroyed my Cromebook on July 3. Please deposit monies in the GoFundMe depository in the upper left corner of mr header at DogJusticeForMentallyIll blog for yet another computer. Our struggle continues. Read about my armed stalkers at this article: Exposed: Huckabee, Dred Scott, and Armed Prowlers: 1) WHY PAY survivors of police violence victims when we could simply kill them cheaper? The Black families have no rights. I have had int...

People have reported that their emails to me at have been returned to them as undeliverable. My phone (678)531-0262 is completely taken over. Calls in and out are often impossible. The police should NOT secretly arrest and murder mentally ill citizens; the federal government should not help to hide such murders, and neither should The Cochran Firm accept such wrongful death cases then withhold legal work to let the statute of limitations pass to keep the murders out of court.

Help us to continue to give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally ill.


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Add Ethan Saylor to "Shattered Families" Memorial Credits

A Maryland grand jury refused to indict police officers responsible for killing Ethan Saylor, a 26-year-old man with Down Syndrome who was murdered inside a movie theater in January 2013 while wearing police handcuffs. The official cause of death was ruled a homicide by asphyxiation. An autopsy revealed that Saylor suffered a fractured throat cartilage, which one expert says could only have been caused by force of some kind. Force could have included a direct blow or manual strangulation. Ethan's crime? He wanted to watch a movie twice.

Please write Ethan's name in a comment as you make a donation at Indiegogo to help produce "Shattered Families: The Collapse of America's Mental Health System." The movie is being produced by noted psychiatrist and best selling author, Stephen Seager, M.D. Your name and Ethan's name and his photo will then appear in the film's credits. Make the world aware of the avoidable deaths and mass incarceration of mentally and/or developmentally challenged Americans. Expose and oppose unrequited homicides like Ethan suffered. Details about Ethan's death and links to other articles are in this blog:
"No Indictment for Ethan Saylor Homicide"

Please connect with the fundraiser and read more information at
Please give whatever amount you can. No amount is too small or too big.

"Shattered Families: The Collapse of America's Mental Health System."

Wrongful incarcerations, prison abuse, and deadly lunacy arrests are the greatest crises that people with mental health challenges face in the USA. Two bills pending before Congress offer needed improvements in the human rights of people with mental illnesses and developmental disabilities. Please support their passage: 
(1) H.R.2646 "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act" by Reps. Tim Murphy and Eddie Bernice Johnson (2015) provides urgently needed services to affected persons.
(2) "Justice Is Not For Sale Act" by Sen. Bernie Sanders (2015) stops the federal government from contracting with private prison companies, addressing the cause of mass incarceration - prison investments.

MaryLovesJustice Neal
Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
"AIMI vs. USA"
Director of "Human Rights Demand" channel at Blogtalkradio
Website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
"Dog Justice for Mentally Ill"
Email Addresses
Phone 678.531.0262

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Brandon Martin: Untreated until triple murder

1. When Brandon Martin, 22, threatened his family and they sent him for treatment, the treatment center only kept him two days for a psychiatric evaluation and released him. Upon the release of this former baseball player, he used his baseball bat to kill his father, uncle, and an ADT security alarm installer. Now that he killed three people, the prison investors who are America's decision makers plan to keep him for life. The amount of tax money spent for Martin's punishment will be significantly more than his treatment would have required, but that suits prison investors, because now they get the money instead of mental health care providers. Serious mental illness will not be treated properly unless and until prison investors divest themselves of prison stocks or resign from government positions, Dr. Stephen B Seager, Dr. Earle Williams, Dr. Armando AluartGeorgia for Bernie SandersOlga Garcia-VerasteguiGemma PenaDiana BethJulie AcklinAssistance to the Incarcerated Mentally IllMental Illness Policy Org,Treatment Advocacy CenterKatherine ConnerFred Hayes, and all concerned friends. 

2. Prison investors in decision making positions risk the safety of families and society in order to relegate people with serious mental illness into the legal system for prison profiteering. Martin will be given psychiatric treatment before his trial, if the case goes to trial, and the judge and/or jury will not see evidence of his mental illness. That is why the insanity defense is seldom used and is often unsuccessful when used to defend a mentally ill defendant. Some sick defendants are sent to mental hospitals for years to get them "trial ready," whereas the system only offered Martin two days of evaluation and treatment before the crimes happened.

3. People and organizations that object to mandated psychiatric treatment (hospitalization and assisted outpatient treatment programs (AOT)) are expected to object strenuously in the coming weeks to H.R.2646 "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act," because the congressional bill which was introduced by Rep. Tim Murphy and Eddie Bernice Johnson in 2015 has provisions for non-consensual psychiatric treatment.Obviously, Martin needed someone else to make his health care decisions while he experienced a mental health crisis. When you read the objectors' rants against mandated psychiatric treatment, please think about Martin, the former Major League Baseball prospect who may never get to play baseball again and never again have the support of his father and uncle. He was deprived of treatment until he killed them.

4. People like Martin with serious mental illness usually receive mandated treatment after they have already done irreparable harm and are awaiting trial or have been sentenced to jails and prisons, but none of the "freedom of choice" voices are heard in those cases. People who protest mandated psychiatric services won't be around when Martin regains his mental balance through delayed treatment and realizes that he killed his father, his uncle, and an ADT alarm installer before receiving the long-term care he needed.

5. Keep challenging lawmakers to pass your bill, Congressman Tim Murphy (PA-18). Keep fighting against federal contracts with private prison companies, Senator Bernie Sanders. We who are families of persons with serious mental illness and realistic people throughout this country who care about the human rights of mentally ill people, their relatives, and neighbors know that both are sorely needed.

6. Read about Brandon Martin, who was deprived of treatment until he did an avoidable triple murder at, the first of eight(8) links below. Brandon's denial of psychiatric treatment should remind us that 1.25 million others (our nation's mentally ill inmates) were deliberately left untreated until they committed crimes to excuse prison sentences that enrich prison investors in the United States. In the 1970's, unscrupulous elected representatives voted for a Medicaid exclusion that deprived Americans with mental health disabilities of inpatient treatment. Millions of persons suffering from acute mental illness were turned out of asylums and have since been denied hospitalization because of the Medicaid exclusion. Most of them could have functioned well outside of a hospital environment if only their needs for continuing psychiatric treatment and subsistence assistance had been met under assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) programs.

7. Instead of rendering timely treatment for mentally challenged Americans, many thousands of people with serious mental illness roamed America's streets in the 1980's, homeless, resorting to street drugs to "get their heads on straight," and being subjected to incarceration for offenses ranging from vagrancy to murders. Hundreds of thousands have been warehoused in prisons, and thousands more have been killed since the 1970's in violent encounters with community bullies and by police officers attempting to conduct lunacy arrests. Some of those warehoused in prisons now include veterans who transitioned home from battlefields with invisible wounds to be killed by police officers or become prisoners of war in the USA. At least 50 percent of all violent police incidents involve a person with mental illness. More than 60 percent of prisoners in torturous solitary confinement are mentally ill, and roughly 40 percent of the nation's chronically homeless people also have mental health and/or drug alcohol issues. Yet, some mental health advocates will dare to come to us and say it is against sick people's civil rights to treat them without their agreement.

8. Do not be fooled. Private prison and jail companies are very wealthy, and mentally ill Americans comprise more than half of their commodities. Their lobbyists have significantly more free speech and freedom of press than persons who advocate to decriminalize mental illness and drug addictions and remove barriers to adequate care. Private prison and jail companies also finance political campaigns for "tough on crime" politicians, although people experiencing mental health crises are not made well by enacting draconian laws. It is reasonable to assume that private prison investors also make considerable donations (whether or not the donations are publicly acknowledged) to so-called advocacy groups and human rights organizations that contest enforced mental health treatment.

9. Families that have no mentally ill members are also seriously impacted by a system that awaits crimes to punish sick people with prison terms rather than giving treatment before tragedies. Consider that whereas Martin killed his own family members and a man who was trying to ensure their safety by installing an alarm system; Elliot Rodger, 22, and Seung-Hui Cho did not. Rodger killed six people in his community, and Cho killed 32 fellow Virginia Tech students. Then each of the young men committed suicide like Virginia's Sen. Deed's son, Gus.

10. No misunderstanding causes decision makers and some mental health organizations to ignore anosognosia, a condition which prevents a person's awareness about his/her own need for treatment. It is not the concern for civil rights of mentally ill people that caused this nation to shut down mental hospitals and reduce budgets for community psychiatric care. A more sinister reason causes America's decision makers to ignore mental illness until there is a smoking gun or dripping knife. It comes down to a simple bible truth that requires no religious training: "The love of money is the root of all evil."

11. Psychiatric treatment methods, including drug therapies, have improved significantly in recent decades. But as long as mercenary owners and investors of private prisons, jails, and probation service companies and prison vendors are allowed to make our nation's decisions regarding mental health care, they will continue to sacrifice Americans with mental disabilities and ignore families' pleas for help during crises, just like police officers ignored Elliot Rodger's family, who were disturbed by his YouTube videos that threatened violence. Prison investors are concerned with having full prisons that demand over $100 billion per year of your tax dollars to operate. Prison investors and their mouthpieces insist that people in crisis must PROVE to be imminently dangerous to self or others before involuntary commitments are possible, because prison profiteers have more concern for hefty dividend checks than for mentally ill people, their families, and for your community's safety.

12. People who receive treatment for mental dysfunctions are not more dangerous than other members in society. However, as Rodger's family's lawyer said, "...this country, this world needs to address mental illness and the ramifications ..."  Americans should urge our representatives to co-sponsor the "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act," with its provisions for limited resumption of Medicaid for inpatients and AOT programs that mandate psychiatric treatment. We must also urge support for Senator Bernie Sanders' bill, introduced on September 17, 2015, the "Justice Is Not For Sale Act." That would prevent the federal government from entering contracts with private prison companies within two years of the bill becoming law. 

i) Brandon Martin pleads not guilty in triple murder
ii) Sergio Robles Denied Treatment: Killed Police Officer
iii) Elliot Rodgers and the Santa Barbara Massacre
iv) Seung-Hui Cho and the Virginia Tech Massacre
v) Damion Hayes: Denied treatment until assaulting innocent neighbor 
vi) Tell Officials to Divest or Resign

vii) Contact Your Government Officials

viii) A coalition against passage of H.R.2646 could be funded by prison investors.

Our condolences to families and close friends of Brandon Martin and the alarm system installer. Victims' survivors should have strong civil action cases against the state for neglecting to treat Martin for his mental illness before the tragedy, we feel. Martin should now be treated for mental illness rather than used as another prison commodity. Thank you for giving Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. It would be illegal to keep a dog in a tight space 23 hours a day and gas or Taser him for barking. It would be illegal to put a dog in deadly restraint for control. That happens to mentally ill people routinely in the nation's correctional facilities. What happened to Larry Neal? Why must a Black family in the USA ask for 12 years what happened to our mentally ill loved one who were secretly arrested and killed? 
Article by MaryLovesJustice,, (678)531-0262. Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill ("AIMI"). Join us at the "Follow This Blog" for "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog (right margin) and at Facebook, Google+, and Care2. Mentally Ill Americans Need Dog Justice. Treat mental illness medically, not legally. Please advocate for your congresspersons to pass H.R.2646 - The "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act." Stop private prisons from victimizing Americans with mental disabilities by supporting Bernie Sanders' "Justice Is Not For Sale Act." Try to elect people who support human rights and justice for all, not prison investors who have a conflict of interest in decriminalizing mental illness in the United States of America, which is supposedly an equal opportunity nation. Eliminate the exception for slavery in America under the 13th Amendment to abolish human trafficking.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Add Kathia Casseus to "Shattered Families" Memorial Credits

How can you help Kathia Casseus, a retarded teenager, be featured among the memorials in the "Shattered Families" movie credits? Kathia was sentenced to serve eight months in a Kansas juvenile facility after going joyriding in her mom's car and having a small accident. Shortly after arriving at the juvenile facility, she was put on birth control, likely to make it safe for guards to rape her. Kathia was allergic to the Ortho Evra birth control patch that Children's Mercy Hospital prescribed for Kathia without her mother's knowledge. When Kathia complained about heart pain and not being able to breathe, no medical care was rendered. Instead, she was dumped in a solitary confinement cell, where she died.

Write Kathia's name in a comment as you make a donation at Indiegogo to help produce the movie by noted psychiatrist and best selling author, Stephen Seager. Your name and Kathia's name and her photograph will then appear in the film's credits. Make the world aware of the mass incarceration and avoidable deaths of mentally challenged Americans. Expose and oppose wrongful deaths like Kathia suffered. Details are in this article: 

Connect with the fundraiser and read more information at 
Please give whatever amount you can. Nothing is too small or too big.

"Shattered Families: The Collapse of America's Mental Health System."

Please be aware that Senator Bernie Sanders, a U.S. presidential candidate, introduced legislation to eliminate the private prison system in America. Sanders also said that his campaign would focus on eliminating the War on Drugs, which AIMI members know is actually a war against drug addicts and their families. With mental health professionals like Dr. Seager and public officials like Senator Sanders and Representatives Tim Murphy and Eddie Bernice Johnson and their co-sponsors striving to improve justice in America, we may soon arrive at positive change. Wrongful incarceration, prison abuse, and deadly lunacy arrests are the greatest crises that people with mental health challenges face in the USA.

MaryLovesJustice Neal
Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
"AIMI vs. USA"
Director of "Human Rights Demand" channel at Blogtalkradio
Website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
"Dog Justice for Mentally Ill"
Email Addresses
Phone 678.531.0262

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Black Women Barred from "Standing Their Ground"

~ Black Women Are Prosecuted for Self-Defense in the USA ~

Brenda Anderson, a Black lesbian at the time, defended herself against attackers in Texas after she left the check cashers' and went to a movie. She observed a man watching her as she pulled a wad of money out of her pocket at the movie theater's concession stand. Three men followed Brenda as she walked from the theater. When she reached a dark, lonely street, one of them pulled out a gun. She shot two of the men, paralyzing one of them. Brenda was immediately arrested. Her trial centered on her homosexuality rather than her right to self-defense. She was accused of "hating men," although the men were repeat offenders. She was imprisoned in solitary confinement for many years, Brenda Anderson's story in her own words is online at "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill"

I read news published by the about Beaulah Montgomery, a White woman who fatally shot two of her seven attackers, and I thought about Brenda. The story about Beaulah was fabricated, but Brenda's story is true. Black women are not allowed to "stand our ground." The world learned that during the prosecution of Marissa Alexander, a Florida woman who was initially sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for firing a warning shot to stop her ex-husband from beating her just days after she had given birth. Brenda Anderson was tortured in solitary confinement for years. As a prisoner, she was even made to undergo surgery on her abdomen without anesthesia. 

Many people are concerned about the tendency that America has to disregard justice in order to incarcerate more people for prison profits and to cover-up abuses of power that are most common regarding people of color and the mentally ill of all races. Prison investors tend to favor arresting people in either category, with or without guilt. But these facts are treated like secrets. As I tried to post this story at Google+, hackers interfered. I then waited through a slowdown virus to post this news at Facebook. The government should prevent hackers from taking over computers belonging to human rights activists, especially if the hackers work for the government. But censorship regarding discrimination and the prison industrial complex is treated like a lawful activity.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), which may be used to stop Americans' freedom of press online. That would limit dissemination of information about the prison industrial complex and other human rights issues. More importantly, Bernie Sanders announced a war against private prisons and jails and has entered a bill in Congress that would end federal contracts with private prison comapnies. Without private prison profiteering, Brenda Anderson and many other women might not have suffered for decades behind bars. Eliminating private prison profiteering, like Sanders plans, is the only way to end mass incarceration in the USA, and exposing injustice such as Anderson experienced is the only way to elicit support for its eradication. Help stop TPP and private prison profiteering in one blow - support Bernie Sanders.

Mary Neal, director
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Add Brian Claunch to "Shattered Families" Memorial Credits

~ Mentally Ill Americans Like Brian Claunch Deserve Dog Justice ~
"Shattered Families: The Collapse of America's Mental Health Care System" is a movie being produced by a noted psychiatrist and author, Dr. Stephen Seager. We who care about mentally ill people living homeless and being incarcerated, brutalized, and killed under the color of law are invited to support the movie. Supporters will be listed in the credits that roll at the end of the movie, just like the producer's and director's names. In addition, there is a memorial section in the credits to "Shattered Families." Photographs of people with serious mental illness who have died will be shown among the memorial credits. "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog will feature a dead mental patient each week for you to please help get his/her picture featured among the memorial credits. Today, we ask for you to give support to the Brian Claunch Memorial, so that the shooting death of this schizophrenic double amputee, who was armed with an ink pen, will not be in vain.

How can you help Brian Claunch be featured among the memorials on the "Shattered Families" movie? Write his name in a comment as you make a donation at Indiegogo to produce the movie. Connect with the fundraiser and read more information at
Both Brian Claunch's and your own name will roll with the movie's credits.

When Brian was shot by Houston police in his care home in 2012, his wrongful death was featured in "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog. The article is repeated below.

Dog Justice for Mentally Ill
September 23, 2012
Houston Police v. Schizophrenic Amputee
Mentally ill people from working class or poor families are killed by police officers throughout the nation at an alarming rate. Usually one or two such deaths are reported in mainstream media each week, but many more deaths happen behind bars among approximately 1.25 million mentally ill prisoners in America. Those killings may be suppressed in news reports like Larry Neal's murder was. He was both physically and mentally disabled, like the subject of today's tragic report was.

Police: Cop Who Shot Double Amputee in the Head 'Did Not Violate Procedure' (Huffington Post)

Houston police killed a schizophrenic amputee in a wheelchair for allegedly threatening people with a pen.
What will the Justice Department do about

(CNN) -- A Houston police officer shot and killed a schizophrenic, wheelchair-bound double amputee threatening people with a pen at a group home for the mentally ill after authorities said the man advanced on the officer's partner.

Another news report: Matthew Marin, 5-yr HPD veteran, shot and killed Brian Claunch at a personal care home in Houston. Marin, who also fatally shot another suspect in 2009, felt a double amputee confined to a wheelchair threatened his and his partner's life. Claunch was armed 
 according to police reports [with a silver writing pen]. Police were called to the East End personal care home around 2 a.m. after Claunch became agitated because his caretaker refused to give him a soda and a cigarette.

Claunch's family is lucky that their relative was killed before witnesses, leaving no opportunity for a cover-up. Therefore, the system need not subject his survivors to censorship, burglaries, and gangstalking. Hopefully, there will be no Cochran Firm-type lawyer fraud to prevent a lawsuit from being filed if survivors choose to do so, and no payoffs to government officials and the media, etc. to keep the case hidden. The schizophrenic amputee's family already knows the circumstances of the victim's death. Thus, they will not have to file Freedom of Information Act requests that authorities ignore. Deaths of mentally ill Americans that happen in the public are difficult to contain, like Kelly Thomas's fatal beating by Fullerton, CA police officers. 

Our condolences to Claunch's family and their close friends. May God have mercy and comfort you in your grief.

Read more about the case at these links: 
Huffington Post
"Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog
Police Ridicule, Beat, Taser & Kill Amputees

The FBI investigated this tragedy. NOTHING happened.

MaryLovesJustice Neal
Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
"AIMI vs. USA"
Director of "Human Rights Demand" channel at Blogtalkradio
Website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
"Dog Justice for Mentally Ill"
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Phone 678.531.0262

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dr. Stephen Seager: Shattered Families: The Collapse of America's Mental Health System

Sunday, Sept. 13 at 6pm EST, +Author Stephen Seager, a psychiatrist, best-selling writer, and movie producer, returns to "Human Rights Demand" to discuss the criminalization of mental illness for prison profits. Call-in number (347)857-3293. Speak on air at that number. More than 1.25 million of America's prisoners are mentally ill people. Over 60 percent of inmates in solitary confinement are mentally ill. Half of all police violence incidents involve a person with mental illness. Most victims of prison abuse are mentally ill. Many families suffer Legal Abuse Syndrome (LAS) from trying to extract their vulnerable relatives from the abusive and sometimes murderous prison profiteering system. STOP CRIMINALIZATION OF MENTAL ILLNESS IN THE USA.

Hear the radio show live or taped at

Dr. Stephen Seager wrote: "I have been a psychiatrist for twenty-five years and have worked extensively with the seriously mentally ill (SMI). Recently, I wrote a book, "Behind the Gates of Gomorrah, a Year with the Criminally Insane." While doing publicity for this book, I came in contact with many families of persons with SMI. Listening to them and recalling my own experience, it quickly became apparent that whatever national mental health system once existed has now totally collapsed."

Please support Dr. Seager's movie to give this matter the attention it deserves at its Indiegogo fundraiser:
The movie is entitled "Shattered Families: The Collapse of America's Mental Health System."

Please be aware that Senator Bernie Sanders, a U.S. presidential candidate, announced plans to introduce legislation this fall to eliminate the private prison system in America. Sanders also said that his campaign would focus on eliminating the War on Drugs, which AIMI members know is actually a war against drug addicts and their families. With mental health professionals like Dr. Seager and public officials like Senator Sanders striving to improve justice in America, we may soon arrive at positive change.

MaryLovesJustice Neal
Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
"AIMI vs. USA"
Director of "Human Rights Demand" channel at Blogtalkradio
Website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
"Dog Justice for Mentally Ill"
Email Addresses
Phone 678.531.0262

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Prison and Starvation for Jamycheal Mitchell

Bipolar man steals $5 of snacks, dies in prison four months later

Irishgreeneyes at Welcome To My World - 1 day ago

After being jailed for four months after reportedly stealing $5 worth of snacks, Jamycheal Mitchell, 24, was found dead in his prison cell, possibly because he starved to death according to family members. Mitchell was deemed unfit to stand trial due to his bipolar disorder and was supposed to have transferred to a mental health facility but never was. Four months after his arrival, he died of what his aunt claims is a 90-pound weight loss. On this video RT’s Anya Parampil has more details.

Thank you, Irishgreeneyes and Anya Parampil, for reporting about America's latest starvation of a mentally ill inmate. Jamycheal Mitchell has joined James Embry, who starved to death in Kentucky State Prison, and Carlos Umana who died of starvation in a privately owned Utah jail.

James Embry story
Carlos Umana story

Director, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
Director, Dog Justice for Mentally Ill blog

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Solitary Chosen Over Hospital for TN Man

"SOLITARY CONFINEMENT IS CONSIDERED MORE THERAPEUTIC THAN A HOSPITAL FOR A BRAIN DAMAGED YOUNG BLACK MAN." The following is an update on Bernard Johnson, a young man with traumatic brain injuries and serious mental illness stemming from a fall at age 5. Johnson fell roughly 18 feet from his apartment onto his head. The lawsuit connected with his injuries was settled, and Johnson's award was placed in a trust account more than 20 years ago. Despite having hundreds of thousands in this trust, Johnson has lived homeless and has been incarcerated since June 2015 for the lack of bail money.

Johnson's family and Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) finally managed to get Johnson's trustee, Lacy Hayes, Jr., Esq., of Pennsylvania, to say he would release $5,100 bail money from Johnson's trust. But Hayes said he has to be asked by the "right" person - Jarad Williams, Esq. of the Jim Williams and Associates law firm in Tennessee. But the lawyer Hayes said must make the request for Johnson's bail money disclaimed any dealings with Bernard Johnson's trust. In fact, Johnson's grandmother, Ms. Mary, said Jarad Williams seemed offended that Hayes would connect him with the trust.

Meanwhile, the district attorney in Johnson City, Tennessee (the state where my mentally, physically disabled brother was secretly arrested and killed by undisclosed means in 2003) now reportedly says Johnson is "too brain damaged" to be released from Washington County Detention Center where he suffers in solitary confinement. A disability rights representative visited the jail today. Ms. Mary was given to understand that Washington County Detention Center personnel said Bernard's many doctors have been WRONG in their diagnosis of mental illness for over 20 years. Bernard lived in a home in Pennsylvania for brain damaged children from age 5 until he graduated from high school, but Washington County Detention Center reportedly proclaimed that Bernard is not mentally ill at all.

Johnson's grandmother reports that the jail had x-rays taken of Johnson after she asked AIMI for help. His mother, grandmother, and fiance' were featured on "Human Rights Demand" radio show recently, and an article about Johnson was published at "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog to help convince his trustee, Mr. Hayes, that Bernard needs a little of his trust fund money to bail out of jail immediately, if Hayes still has the money as he should. But it now seems that Johnson is not intended to be released even if he is able to make bail.

Washington County Detention Center reportedly recognized that Bernard has severe bowel problems and a traumatic brain injury like his family said, but not bipolar disorder, manic depression, or anxiety like those Yankee doctors diagnosed him with in Pennsylvania. Southern jailers know what's best for a buck like Johnson who was about to marry Jeana Willis, a white woman: solitary confinement. The district attorney is reportedly requesting the court to remove the possibility of Johnson's release on bail.

If treatment is sought by Tennessee for Johnson, it will likely be in the prison ward of a state hospital. Johnson had an "illegal" bipolar crisis during which he screamed at Jeana, and a neighbor called police who charged Johnson with assault. Mentally challenged people like Johnson are very lucrative for the prison profiteering system. To acknowledge Johnson's mental illness might necessitate dropping the charges, and that is not intended to happen. Even if Johnson dies, his family, as black people, will not be allowed to complain.

Johnson's family arranged for his transport to Vanderbilt University Hospital, one of the nation's best, but the Johnson City district attorney obviously thinks jail is more therapeutic for what ails him. The one mental illness that Johnson might be diagnosed with in Johnson City is drapetomania, a disease that made Africans flee slavery and not stay in their "proper places."

This may be the first time a mentally ill man faces bail revocation to be kept in jail and away from an acclaimed hospital precisely because he is brain damaged. Jail is no longer the last resort for sick Black men. Solitary confinement has taken priority over hospitalization for such people in the minds of decision makers. Americans must remove the conflict of interest decisions makers have and insist that they divest themselves of corporate stock in order to serve the people. They must divest or resign if mental illness is ever to be decriminalized in America.

If Johnson's loved ones continue to demand his trust money to pay his bail and maintain their stance that Johnson should never have been arrested, they might find their phones tapped, their computer security compromised, and people following them when they leave home. I experience those abuses since I demanded information and records about Larry Neal's wrongful death, which followed 18 days of secret arrest in Memphis, Tennessee's Shelby County Jail (see the "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" at the fourth link below). That was twelve years ago, and the struggle continues.

Divest or Resign
Bernard Johnson Dying in Custody
Bernard Johnson radio broadcast on Human Rights Demand
Interviews with Women who Love Him
Secret Arrest and Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

MaryLovesJustice, Director
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bernard Johnson Dying in Custody

1.  Bernard Johnson was arrested during a bipolar crisis in Johnson City, Tennessee on June 24, 2015. He is interned in Washington County Detention Center and is warehoused in solitary confinement. His bail was set at $50,000 but was raised to $51,000 after more charges were added when Johnson allegedly broke a jailhouse window with a paper cup. Three women who love Johnson met with us at "Human Rights Demand" Blogtalkradio channel on August 22, 2015, to inform us about Johnson's dire circumstances as a mentally and physically sick inmate in solitary confinement who is denied visits. For some reason, that interview is not allowed to show in our lineup of shows at "Human Rights Demand." Let us hope that is not because Johnson has already been killed. Listen at the below url to "Bernard Johnson Dying in Jail" (I hope I exaggerate).

2.  The initial judge to whom Johnson's case was assigned said that Johnson did not belong in jail and ordered that he be hospitalized. The district attorney REFUSED, and another judge was appointed to the case. Johnson's criminal attorney, Kyle D. Vaughn, motioned for a bond reduction. The district attorney objected, saying that Johnson's release would endanger the community although Johnson had no prior arrests and did not hurt anyone at all during his bipolar crisis. Johnson was screaming at his fiance, urging her to hurry to the car because they planned to go apartment-hunting. A neighbor called police, and Johnson was arrested for assault. Johnson is a Black young man, and his fiance, Jeana, is Caucasian.

3.  Johnson was five years old when he fell from his apartment building in Pennsylvania onto his head, causing traumatic brain injuries. He was airlifted to a hospital and underwent extensive treatment. Johnson lived in residential housing for brain damaged children until after his high school graduation. A lawsuit against the building where Johnson fell resulted in a trust fund for him. Lacy Hayes, Jr., Esq., of Pennsylvania, was appointed the trustee. Johnson receives supplemental social security benefits and $5,000 per year from his trust fund, which is only a small part of the interest. Otherwise, Johnson's trust fund was debited around $2,000 once for dental work. Hayes REFUSES to release the $5,100 to pay Johnson's bail, although Johnson is dying in jail and should have hundreds of thousands in his trust fund.

4.  Johnson has bleeding ulcers and is experiencing extreme stomach pain. He had blood in his stool weeks ago, and now Johnson reports that he has not defecated in two weeks. Johnson is in pain and afraid to eat because of his constipation. He is growing weak. In addition to stomach ulcers, Johnson was shot in his abdomen by another bipolar young man who also lived in residential housing. The shooting was accidental.

5.  Johnson's mother, grandmother, and fiance are very concerned about him and have not heard from Johnson in four days. Ms. Mary, Johnson's grandmother and his trust fund conservator, made arrangements with Vanderbilt University Hospital to admit him for physical and mental health evaluations and treatment, but the family does not have Johnson's $5,000 bail money, which Hayes refuses to release from Johnson's trust fund. Apparently, Hayes has grown attached to Johnson's money and considers it his own, if he still has it. The trust account has never been audited in the 20 years since it was established. Johnson's family reports that Hayes also refused to release any of Johnson's trust fund when Johnson was homeless.

6.  Johnson's trust fund stipulates that it is not to be used for medical expenses. It is "rainy day" money that was appointed to a little boy who fell and hurt his head very badly. The trust was established because Johnson was expected to be mentally dysfunctional after his catastrophic injuries, and he is. Johnson's arrest in Washington County Detention Center while experiencing a physical and mental health crisis is significantly more than a "rainy day." His abusive arrest in tortuous solitary confinement with visits from loved ones denied is a Katrina event, but Hayes disallows Johnson's use of his own trust fund. This writer will read the trust to see if it mentions what happens to Johnson's money if he dies without using more than a few thousands per year of the interest on the trust fund. Johnson's death appears to be the plan.

7.  Quanda, Johnson's mother, said the trust attorney was appointed by the lawyer who sued the building for Johnson's family after the child fell from the window. Johnson's family was not consulted regarding the choice of trustees. She has asked for her lawsuit files numerous times, but the lawyer claims the file is in the basement to his law firm "somewhere" and has never responded with his former clients' records. The trust states that any attempt to remove the trust fund from Hayes will result in a legal battle that will be paid for out of Johnson's trust fund.

8.  Learning about Johnson's circumstances is particularly alarming for the Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) director, who will file a lawsuit on behalf of neglected, abused, and murdered mentally ill claimants, their victims, if applicable, and their families or survivors. Johnson's circumstances are dire, but he cannot access a few thousand dollars of his trust to gain jail release and seek treatment. Mary Neal designated that one-third of every living mentally ill claimants' award from International Court, if the lawsuit is successful, will be paid into a trust account established by and for the claimant and that trustees must be attorneys or an insurance companies.

9.  Because of Johnson's circumstances, AIMI will also supply the language on the trust funds, which will have a stipulation for audits every five years and give claimants the opportunity to change trustees if desired. Families will find a trustee willing to comply with the terms of the trust fund as written by AIMI and will also have the option to choose AIMI as their trustee. We must apply every protection for our mentally challenged claimants. Americans with mental disabilities are considered future prison commodities or target practice for police officers who abuse their power in this system, which is apparently still practicing eugenics based on Americans' race and health status. Read the plans for AIMI's portion of the award, if granted, from the "AIMI vs. USA" lawsuit at item number 3 at "AIMI vs. USA for Justice" at

10.  Americans are many times more likely to die in custody than battlefield soldiers are to die during military conflicts. This is especially true of Americans with mental disabilities, who comprise over half of the victims of police violence. Some of the deaths in custody have been ruled homicides, but considerably fewer than should have been. Denial of appropriate care resulted in death for Virginia State Senator Deed's son, Gus, and Elliot Rodger, the son of a Hunger Games producer, and long-term incarceration for Cameron Douglas, the drug-addicted son of actor Michael Douglas. Therefore, even being Caucasians with money and clout cannot save persons with mental illness and drug addictions from homelessness, prison, and death in the United States of America. There is a need for mental health care reform, such as proposed by "H.R.2646 - the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2015." See information online about the bill by Representative Tim Murphy (R-PA), who introduced the bill in U.S. Congress along with Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX). (Access the link about this bill in the upper right margin of "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog).

11.  In addition to reforming America's mental health care system to decriminalize mental illness, We the People must become more proactive about LIVING prisoners like Bernard Johnson in order to save lives rather than awaiting deaths like Sandra Bland's to launch protests. Johnson's family is hopeful that lawyers from a disability rights organization will rescue Johnson from his torture in Washington County Detention Center during the early part of the week ending August 29, 2015. Meanwhile, AIMI and other human rights advocates are planning a protest at the Washington County Correctional Facility in Johnson City, Tennessee to insist that Johnson is transferred to a hospital, like his family and fiance plan. Everyone who cares about neglected, brutalized and murdered prisoners should plan to meet there on Saturday, August 29, unless the disability rights organization does indeed extract Johnson from the district attorney and other prison investors' clutches. 

12.  Families dread receiving negative news about their vulnerable loved ones, such as the deaths of elderly or frail relatives. Families of mentally ill Americans have additional valid fears about their relatives' increased of chances of incarceration. They are also concerned about their sick relatives' increased risks of becoming victims of police. violence. Relatives of 1.25 million mentally ill inmates in America fear that their son, daughter, brother, sister or parent might be the next jail casualty. Such deaths happen frequently due to gross negligence and actual murders but are seldom answered with appropriate action. 

13.  When Johnson's grandmother, Mary, contacted Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill for help, I initially believed there was no need to schedule radio shows and write articles to solicit help from the public. Johnson is unlike most AIMI clients in that he has money. I thought that would make a difference. Therefore, I called and emailed an attorney whose professionalism I admire, in hopes that he would insist that Hayes release Johnson's funds for bail and apply with Johnson's family to administer the trust fund in Hayes' stead. After waiting a week, I again called the attorney, because we had not received a call from him since I emailed him more information that I could not record on my brief phone message, and I attached Johnson's trust fund documents. The attorney said he had listened to my phone message but never received the email I sent to him. He checked his spam mail as well as his inbox. I have the receipt stating that the email was sent, so I assume hackers prevented delivery. 

14.  Hackers are employed by prison investors to stop advocacy that interferes with mass incarceration, especially of mentally ill Americans. Computer hackers also prevent public disclosure about covered-up murders, such as the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal. He was my mentally and physically disabled brother who was murdered in another Tennessee correctional facility in 2003 - Shelby County Jail -- after 18 days of secret arrest. My family is illegally denied any investigation, explanation, or due process of law for Larry's murder. In fact, a federal judge ruled it "immaterial" that we were defrauded by The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm, which pretended to act as our wrongful death attorneys throughout the Tennessee statute of limitations but actually did nothing (that is not unusual for The Cochran Firm since Johnnie's death and most of Johnnie's civil rights attorneys were replaced. This is one reason why The Cochran Firm received a federal court order that determined it to be ineligible to be called "a law firm" on May 15, 2015. Mainstream media does not announce that fact, because The Cochran Firm regularly defrauds African Americans to "keep wealth from black hands," a CoIntelPro objective). When one considers the complicity of mainstream news with The Cochran Firm fraud against African Americans, one might better understand (although certainly not agree with) Vester Lee Flanagan's assassination of ABC reporters.

15.  Arresting mentally ill Americans in large numbers and eliminating many of them are not accidental occurrences. Eugenics is happening in this country. African Americans, Caucasian people who lacked wealth, and the mentally ill of both races were subjected to enforced sterilization from the 1930's to the 1970's to prevent their population growth under the American eugenics program. Over 60,000 Americans underwent enforced sterilization, and so far, only North Carolina has set aside money for restitution for these victims, as far as I know. In the 21st century, people in these same categories are regularly killed by police or incarcerated long-term throughout their childbearing years. It behooves us who love justice to stand up for Johnson and all mentally challenged people of every age and race. Some people await coffins on which to grandstand but ignore people who can yet be saved. Save our neighbor, Bernard Johnson. "Love thy neighbor as thyself."

16.  AIMI is hopeful for Bernard Johnson. Mentally ill black men who Tennessee jails plan to kill are not usually taken through normal booking procedures. Larry Neal was "missing" for 18 days while Shelby County Jail continuously denied having him in custody but did nothing to assist his family and social worker to find the mentally ill heart patient. Apparently, Larry was taken into the jail through some back door. This is distressing, especially since Shelby County Jail had been sued for prisoner abuse by the USA and was operating under the U.S. Justice Department's direct overview. Neither the jail nor the USDOJ will release any information and records about Larry Neal's fatal arrest.

MaryLovesJustice Neal
Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
"AIMI vs. USA"
Director of "Human Rights Demand" channel at Blogtalkradio
Website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
"Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" 
Email Addresses
Phone 678.531.0262
(Hackers refused to allow my email box to link.)

Paragraph 1 repeated: 1.  Bernard Johnson was arrested during a bipolar crisis in Johnson City, Tennessee on June 24, 2015. He is interned in Washington County Detention Center and is warehoused in solitary confinement. His bail was set at $50,000 but was raised to $51,000 after more charges were added when Johnson allegedly broke a jailhouse window with a paper cup. Three women who love Johnson met with us at "Human Rights Demand" Blogtalkradio channel on August 22, 2015, to inform us about Johnson's dire circumstances as a mentally and physically sick inmate in solitary confinement who is denied visits. For some reason, that interview is not allowed to show in our lineup of shows at "Human Rights Demand." Let us hope that is not because Johnson has already been killed. Listen at the below url to "Bernard Johnson Dying in Jail" (I hope I exaggerate).
Thank you for giving Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Rally Against Brutality and Deaths in Custody - Georgia Capitol

In-custody brutality and deaths threaten peace in the United States, yet they are becoming the modus operandi of murderous police officers. This is true presumably because they are easier to cover-up. Some media companies are attempting to fill the gap in reporting deaths by police, which the U.S. Justice Department deliberately leaves, but journalists should include deaths that occur soon after arrest in order to get a more accurate total. Increasingly, victims are hauled off to jail before killings, where police cannot be filmed by commuters. Some arrestees, like Freddie Gray and Kelly Thomas, are barely living shortly after their police encounters, and other doomed victims, like Larry Neal and Daniel Linsinbigler, live in custody for a couple of weeks. Many arrestees receive capital punishment in extrajudicial killings without any benefit of trial. In fact, numerous victims die before their first appearance in court. (The paragraphs in this article are labeled I through XXXV to discourage hackers. This article has absolutely NO empty lines. If any empty lines appear, they represent sabotage by hackers, and we will schedule more rallies.)
In addition to jail deaths, America has an extremely high rate of deaths in prisons - 346 in Florida alone in 2014. The United Nations Committee Against Torture addressed the United States' high rate of in-custody deaths after its review last fall. Its findings and recommendations are below.
22) The Committee notes with concern that 958 inmates died while in the custody of local jails during 2012, an 8 percent increase from the 889 deaths in 2010. During the same year, State prison deaths remained stable with 3,351 reported deaths. The Committee is particularly concerned about reports of inmate deaths occurred as a result of extreme heat exposure while imprisoned in unbearably hot and poor ventilated prison facilities in Arizona, California, Florida, New York, Michigan and Texas (arts. 2, 11 and 16).
The Committee urges the State party to investigate promptly, thoroughly and impartially ALL deaths of detainees, assessing the health care received by inmates as well as any possible liability of prison personnel, and provide, where appropriate, adequate compensation to the families of the victims.
On August 3, we will hold a rally at the Georgia Capitol from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. against brutality and deaths in custody and bring awareness about a congressional bill, H.R.2646. Notices about the rally were censored. Therefore, each Monday throughout August after August 3, rallies will be held from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. at the Georgia Capitol Building (August 10, 17, 24, and 31). More than half of the victims of violence by police and corrections officers are mentally ill people. Over 60 percent of the prisoners enduring torturous solitary confinement are also mentally challenged. Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill planned the August rallies in commemoration of the "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" and other victims. August 1 marks the 12th anniversary of Larry Neal's kidnapping and death in Memphis Shelby County Jail, which happened in 2003. We also plan to bring awareness to H.R.2646 "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act," a federal bill introduced by Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA) and Eddie Denise Johnson (D-TX), which has provisions that should help reduce mass incarceration of persons with serious mental illness.
There is little to no effort to "investigate promptly, thoroughly and impartially" any deaths of arrestees and U.S. prisoners, and unfortunately, in-custody deaths engender even less accountability by law officers and guards than public shooting and Tasing episodes. Without videos and witness statements by onlookers, the American public usually has only the word of law enforcement and prison officers as to what caused the deaths. Generally, families are told the victims killed themselves or were found in their cells unresponsive. Occasionally, the victims' fellow inmates provide witness statements regarding overuse of force, and some in-custody deaths are ruled homicides by medical examiners. Even then, there is seldom any prosecution.
Whenever police departments or correctional facilities are perceived by the public as having done inexcusable crimes against humanity, the U.S. Justice Department is pressured to investigate and prosecute. Unfortunately, the Justice Department is itself criminal and has a tendency to conspire with officials who, like any other criminals, are most interested in hiding their crimes and avoiding prosecution and financial liability. Therefore, correctional institutions in the U.S. share similarities to the War on Terror camps where detainees suffered excruciating torture and some died. It is important to note, however, that whereas Guantanamo Bay detainees are/were allegedly terror suspects, most persons in U.S. jails and prisons are American citizens, a great number of whom have never been to trial for the criminal charges associated with their arrests. Such persons have a right to be presumed innocent.
Correctional facilities warehouse hundreds of thousands of defendants who are jailed awaiting trial, mostly due to a lack of bail money, as well as convicted persons who plea bargained. Maya Schrenwar, managing editor of "Truthout," advises that the nation should eliminate bails altogether. Being coerced to waive trial and plea bargain is customary for defendants who lack the money for bail and a proper defense. Coercing plea bargains is particularly offensive regarding juveniles and mentally ill defendants. More than half of the nation's prisoners are actually Americans with mental disabilities, roughly 1.25 million inmates, most of whom were denied mental health care or treatment for drug and alcohol addictions until they were accused of crimes.
The high rate of in-custody deaths, especially among persons who were recently arrested, should alarm all Americans. Law officers can detain anyone up to a few days on mere suspicion without the need to actually file criminal charges. In addition, persons who have actually broken no laws are regularly booked on "resisting arrest" even without any evidence that the persons were initially subject to arrest. It is particularly disturbing when young women like Sandra Bland die in custody after what began as a traffic stop, something that can happen to anyone.
It is apparent that nobody in the indigent or working class has a right to life that is actually protected in the United States, especially not people who are African Americans or mentally ill. Overuse of force incidents that used to target African American men now increasingly demand the lives of African American women and children. Caucasians who were largely exempt from overuse of force incidents and in-custody deaths until recently now seem to have lost their "white skin privilege." Even middle class whites like former college student Cameron Redus are killed by police, and white homemakers like Eileen Dinino inexplicably die immediately after arrest. Police brutality and in-custody deaths threaten everyone and deserve the attention of human rights advocates.
One media company that is involved in an effort to fill the gap in reporting the number of deaths by police is The Guardian. I received an email invitation to share information about deaths by police and responded in the nine (9) paragraphs copied below:

Response to The Guardian re “The Counted” - People Killed by USA Police
1. Increasingly, police arrest victims before killing them. That happened in 2003 in Memphis, Tennessee to my brother, Larry Neal. Larry was a schizophrenic heart patient who irritated police with his loud singing and panhandling in public places. In mid-July, he was secretly arrested, and police denied having him in custody when Larry's family and social worker made inquiries and completed the missing person report. However, police did nothing to help find the harmless middle aged mental patient, because they knew exactly where he was. After 18 days of secret arrest, Larry died. To this day, Larry's family is denied knowing the circumstances of his death: (a) sudden cessation of heart drugs, (b) restraint chair or table, (c) starvation, or (d) brutality. [Mentally ill inmates were killed by all of these methods in recent years.]
2. The Memphis Shelby County Jail and the United States Department of Justice refuse to release the information about this American with mental and physical disabilities, because his "arrest" was actually a kidnapping, and his death was actually a planned euthanasia. In fact, Larry's brother had been told two weeks before Larry's kidnapping that police were "getting tired of fooling with Larry Neal." Larry had suffered numerous arrests in Shelby County Jail for disturbing the peace and other charges related to his severe mental illness, so it is impossible to believe he could not be matched with his fingerprints and the missing person report.
3. Increasingly, killings of mentally ill Americans have become the nation's new eugenics program. From the 1930's to the 1970's, African Americans, very poor whites, and the mentally ill of all races underwent enforced sterilization to control their numbers. Today, these same groups are either killed under the color of law or mass incarcerated throughout their childbearing years, which also accomplished eugenicists' intention of population control among those groups.
4. There continues to be a huge cover-up about Larry Neal's kidnapping and murder, because Shelby County Jail was operating under a Settlement Agreement with the USA after lawsuit for inmate abuse. Under the terms of the Agreement, the jail had an obligation to file an inmate fatality report with the feds for anyone who died in custody, but the USDOJ denies having received any information whatsoever related to Larry Neal's fatal arrest. Nevertheless, the USDOJ refused to investigate the cover-up. Years after being informed about Larry's murder, the Justice Department allowed Shelby County Jail to enter records in court hearings regarding its release from federal overview that again omitted Larry's death in custody.
5. The hearings happened after the feds had communicated with me extensively about Larry Neal's in-custody death and after having received records of his demise. Therefore, the federal cover-up is definitely intentional. Three main parties are involved in the cover-up: Shelby County Government, the U.S. Justice Department, and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm, which contracted with the Neals to act as Larry's wrongful death attorneys. The Cochran Firm's responsibility in the conspiracy was to keep Larry's murder out of the media and out of court, which the firm did through defrauding Larry's family as our wrongful death attorneys.
6. The success of covering up police murders by first arresting victims has inspired increasing use of this method. Victims are arrested then eliminated after a short period in custody, i.e., Freddie Gray and perhaps Sandra Bland and Chavis Carter, and many others. Arresting people before killing them, as opposed to shooting or Tasing them to death before commuters with cameras, prevents public knowledge and outcry when videos are published, as happened after the killings of Oscar Grant, Eric Garner, Kelly Thomas, and many others. Cover-ups regarding in-custody killings are not foolproof, however. Witnesses who were jailed with Daniel Linsinbigler exposed his murder when Clay County Jail officials had falsely told his mother that the teenager was "found unresponsive in his cell." Linsinbigler's death was later ruled a homicide. Darren Rainey's murder by hot shower was also exposed to the media by fellow inmates.
7. Larry Neal's murder cover-up is most pathetic in that the federal government joined the conspiracy to cover-up his kidnapping and death rather than demanding justice. Larry's family has experienced significant surveillance, censorship, and financial persecution for attempting to expose the murder, obtain records, and due process of law.
8. Thank you for conducting this survey of police killings. I hope you recognize that your findings will not be complete unless you include persons who were arrested first and killed within hours or weeks after arrest. That is the new modus operandi. For many more killings of mentally challenged Americans, I invite you to our blog, "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill," at - More information and evidence is under the “documents” tab at “Wrongful Death of Larry Neal” website at - If you have questions about any of the deaths by police therein, I will be happy to try to put you in touch with the victims' families. You must be persistent if you call or email me. Both modes of communication are hacked, and police refuse to address the violations against my First Amendment rights. Email
(The Guardian will not publish this news. The media helps the U.S. Government to cover-up certain wrongful deaths by police. Where did you think the missing trillions went?)
9. Link to my response to The Guardian:

We congratulate journalists and human rights advocates for their interest in making America more "true to what she said on paper" (MLK). Documenting deaths by police is a good place to start. Our principle goal should be to have a nation where everyone's right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are honored and protected. Fortunately, many police officers recognize the importance of better police oversight, including Blacks in Law Enforcement of America (BLEA).
We are pleased that the largest association of sheriffs, NSA, supports assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) programs for mentally ill Americans, which provide subsistence assistance and mandated psychiatric treatment. In 2014, the International Association of Chiefs of Police also endorsed AOT programs to promote treatment before tragedies. We congratulate Congress for recently appropriating $15 million to fund AOT programs. AOT is included in H.R.2646 "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act." It is encouraging that the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) recently issued a letter in support of H.R.2646 The congressional bill has bilateral support in the House but needs greater advocacy by the general public to make it law. Journalists are asked to please give H.R.2646 as much news coverage as other health care bills receive. Treatment can help reduce mass incarceration, and therefore deaths in custody, of mentally ill Americans.
The U.S. Congress reduced the chances that anyone reading this article will have relatives "disappear" and die in jail without the in-custody deaths being reported, which happened to Larry Neal. The "Death in Custody Reporting Act of 2013" became law on December 18, 2014. ("There was a Death in Custody law on the books, but it somehow was allowed to expire in 2006. Why? Who knows?" -
Together, we can see that this nation follows the United Nations' recommendation that the government "investigates promptly, thoroughly and impartially ALL deaths of detainees, assessing the health care received by inmates as well as any possible liability of prison personnel, and provide, where appropriate, adequate compensation to the families of the victims." Moreover, we can reduce the number of victims by applying due diligence. If you are able, please join us at the Georgia Capitol rally August 3 during lunchtime to learn more about in-custody brutality and deaths such as my mentally, physically disabled brother experienced.
Everyone is invited to enter the fight to eliminate racism, class consciousness, and health discrimination from the legal system. If you are unable to attend, you can still participate by sending photographs and brief information about victims of in-custody brutality and deaths to me by email, preferably on one page. A donation for printing, copying, and distributing the information at the Capitol is needed. See XXVII below, entitled "Your financial assistance "
Local and state governments are encouraged to participate in reducing police brutality before and after arrests by ensuring that respect for citizens' rights and ethics are taught in police academies and enforced through prosecution of offending officers. Cover-ups only encourage more in-custody brutality and deaths. Local governments should also offer crisis intervention team (CIT) training to police and corrections officers. More funds should be allocated for AOT programs for persons with serious mental illnesses, especially prisoners who are reentering society. AOT program participation reduces homelessness, arrests, hospitalization, and future incarceration by over 85 percent, which means a significant increase in community safety and a substantial reduction in the budget for fighting crime and incarcerating offenders.
Your financial assistance is also invited. My computer equipment is regularly attacked by persons who disagree with the concept that all persons deserve equal protection under the law. My operating system was destroyed on July 3, after I informed the public that United States District Court, Central District of California, determined that neither The Cochran Firm nor any of its district offices qualify to be called "a law firm." You can help promote justice by contributing to the MaryLovesJustice fundraiser for a new computer and phone service three ways:
a) GoFundMe at at
b) PayPal donations to 
c) Purchase "Bloody Toombs," by Bob Darby. Darby is an excellent writer and a lifelong human rights advocate, peace activist, and founder of the Atlanta chapter of "Food Not Bombs." Read a free preview at . The "Food Not Bombs" Atlanta chapter won an important federal court victory to feed homeless people in public places, including parks. Darby's memoir and allegory covers recent American history from the Jim Crow era to present. This brilliant man has bipolar disorder that has been in remission for over 20 years. He has always fought against racism, class consciousness, and avoidable wars. That caused many conflicts with his family and their affluent friends and guarantees interesting reading. The book is also available at CreateSpace - It will soon be released as a Kindle ebook.
Thanks in advance for your contributions to my communications fundraiser. Hackers often sabotage my individual articles, radio shows, and social media posts as revealed at channel jkempp703 at YouTube and "Justice Gagged" blog at - My computer's operating system was damaged beyond repair on July 3. Unfortunately, there is still a conspiracy to avoid disclosure and accountability for Larry Neal's 2003 kidnapping and arrest and to curtail my advocacy for similarly situated Americans.
Our rights under the U.S. Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are actually goals. The fact that the Justice Department is complicit in Larry Neal's wrongful death cover-up proves how important it is for U.S. citizens to endeavor to make America true to her ideals. During release hearings for Memphis Shelby County Jail to exit federal overview, I notified the judge over the release hearings, the U.S. Attorney's office, and the USDOJ in Washington about Larry Neal's kidnapping and murder in that facility, and the crime was ignored by all parties, who entered the conspiracy of cover-up instead. Officials conspired against the USA by allowing fraudulent records into federal release hearings that deliberately omitted the in-custody death of an American with disabilities, and I have been sorely persecuted ever since in order to keep their crimes contained.
This writer cannot say whether federal officials are paid by abusive police departments and correctional facilities to disregard their oversight responsibilities, as was alleged in the criminal indictments against former U.S. Vice President Dick Chaney and former U.S. Attorney General Antonio Gonzales in 2008, but one thing is certain: Abusive police departments and correctional facilities actually have no reliable oversight except by the People. Even China chastises America for its human rights abuses. Your participation is needed.
Note: I had to number these paragraphs because parts of this article were missing on my view when I completed it.
More references will be added.
Death in Custody Reporting Act of 2013
Congress Passes New Death in Custody Reporting Act