Friday, October 11, 2013

Announcing AIMI Media

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill ("AIMI") does radio and television broadcasts, speaking engagements, and Google Hangouts as well as our articles at Dog Justice for Mentally Ill and Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill Internet sites. We experience much censorship using Internet services to advocate to decriminalize mental illness, but "still we rise"! (Myra Angelou). Since America's prison profiteering largely depends on continually criminalizing mentally challenged people, we expect oppression against this human rights effort. Therefore, please notify us if/when links to radio shows, Hangouts, YouTube videos, and articles do not work properly. That is one way you can help give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill.

Media for this human and civil rights advocacy will be published in a new blog called "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill Media." Everyone, especially all members, are invited to be our guests. To see our schedule and access links to our radio/TV broadcasts, videos, Hangouts, etc., please see our new blog, "AIMI-Media" at , which will be launched by November 2013. Members and friends will soon be given more opportunities to help give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. Our first two books will be available hopefully before the year's end: "Cochran Firm Fraud," a real life action drama about the struggle to publish a mental patient's death in secret incarceration and to help mental patients, and "21st Century Slave Songs," a book of poems about that journey and our prisoners' rights advocacy. Additionally, AIMI will offer many useful products for purchase: calendars, cups, and more. Videos will also be available for sale and download as we shift from publishing online articles to other media. You will be invited to join AIMI's mailing list and receive a quarterly newsletter for a nominal fee, in print and delivered by mail or as a pdf download, so that cyber stalkers cannot tamper with the information as easily. Consider advertising your law firm, care home, psychiatric and counseling services, and drug treatment and re-entry programs in the AIMI quarterly newsletter.

Blogtalkradio shows
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill has joined National Network in Action on Blogtalkradio. Links to our shows, which began on October 2, are below. Please join us at 9pm Pacific each Wednesday night. Call-in at (818)572.2947, or use your computer for live and recorded shows at  . Please see a partial schedule for Blogtalkradio below:

October 23, 2013, Blogtalkradio: "Mentally ill victims of police violence, suicides in solitary confinement, and executions on death row" will be our topics on Blogtalkradio on October 23, 2013. October 22 is the day to commemorate Stolen Lives. AIMI will participate in the Atlanta, Georgia activities. To find the activities in your area, please see "Stand Up for Love - October 22 Coalition"

October 16, 2013, Blogtalkradio: "How Much Credence Should Law Enforcement Give to Allegations by Mentally Ill People?" These cases deserve careful investigation. Wed., October 16, 2013, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill Blogtalkradio show, guests will be two people who suffered arrests and prosecution because of unfounded allegations by their seriously mentally ill family members. Charges were eventually dropped, but the false complaints wrecked their lives and costed them hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney's fees and lost wages. Consider that the White House gatecrasher believed that President Obama was stalking her.

Guests on the October 16 show will include a woman who was arrested and banned from Glynn County, GA based on her husband's hallucinations (a PTSD Vietnam vet). She was forced from her home and business and made to pay for criminal supervisory services for years although she was never convicted of any crime.

Another guest will be Christopher Bonds, a military man whose wife's aunt claimed he brutalized her. Authorities dropped the charges but refused to expunge his record.
BOTH of these people need a #lawyer .

#falsearrest #mentallyill #wrongfulconvictions #lawsuit #lawenforcement #falsecomplaint #AssistancetotheIncarceratedMentallyIll

October 10, 2013, Blogtalkradio: The Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill Blogtalkradio broadcast on October 10 concerned (1) the mentally ill in solitary confinement, (2) gifted mentally ill people who have excelled in government, the arts, and academia, (3) court-ordered mental health treatment through AOT programs, (4) Nazi Germany's genocide of roughly 300,000 mentally ill people before starting the Jewish Holocaust, (5) the need for prison investors to shift to humane investments, (6) and the urgent need for intervention by Christians and humanitarians regarding abuses, avoidable incarcerations and killings of mentally ill persons in America.

October 2, 2013, Blogtalkradio: AIMI's first broadcast on Blogtalkradio occurred on October 2. We gave an overview of our goals as an organization and why advocacy for the mentally ill is needed. Our guest was Dr. Jean Kennedy, an organizational psychologist who discussed the systemic implications of incarcerating mentally ill persons rather than hospitalizing them or giving treatment in their communities.

Advertising and sponsorships are important ways to give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill while announcing your legal and health care services, drug treatment programs and re-entry services to many AIMI members and friends. We currently have roughly 500 online members and will have many more as we break through the censorship applied by prison investors and/or others who are negatively impacted by this advocacy for human rights. There are approximately 1.25 million incarcerated mentally ill people in America. Assuming that each sick inmate has at least four family members and close friends means that imprisoning mental patients directly impacts at least five million Americans plus millions of acute mental patients who are not presently incarcerated but live with that constant risk. We will begin advertising during our Blogtalkradio broadcasts and on our DogJusticeforMentallyIll blog as well as in the quarterly newsletter. More information about these opportunities will be available at our new AIMI-Media blog. Please join this site, and see many articles listed in our DogJustice blog index on the right margin. Please read the free articles and post links thereto at your online groups. Help end censorship around mental illness, an "illegal" health condition.

If YOU have an idea for a Blogtalkradio show or would like to be a guest, please comment below or email me at My phone is under attack and I may not receive your email or phone messages, but the telephone number is 678.531.0262. As AIMI is funded by your donations, purchases of useful products, and our book sales, we hope to break free and actually have free speech and freedom of press to a greater degree than today. If you receive no response to your correspondence, phone calls, or comments on blogs within 24 hours, please assume that your correspondence is blocked and complain at Thank you for giving Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill.

Mary Neal, director
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

Dog Justice for Mentally Ill


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