Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Robin Yeamans: Family Law and Human Rights

It is a Legal Victory when accomplished attorneys such as Robin Yeamans care about justice for our homeless and mentally ill people and donate time to ensuring their welfare. Yeamans discussed why she donates time to help the mentally ill homeless on our "Human Rights for Prisoners March" Blogtalkradio show on Jan. 6, 2014. Hear her speak at the url below. We hope she inspires more attorneys to volunteer.

While doing cases involving juveniles who have been abused, child custody, sexual abuse and/or domestic violence, Robin has managed over the years to remain caring yet professional, with an attitude like the best of medical emergency room personnel. It is this combination of legal skill and professional commitment that places Robin at the top of her profession. Please read the full article about her at this url to "Legal Victories" blog:
Robin Yeamans: Family Law Attorney, Human Rights Advocate

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