Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training

~ Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training ~ 

As director of AIMI, I was invited to speak on a syndicated radio broadcast about crisis intervention teams (CIT). The broadcast is disseminated to 435 radio channels across the nation. A representative from NAMI and Memphis CIT also spoke. Hear it today, August 12, at 3pm EDT on "Human Rights Demand," and call-in with your comments at (347) 857-3293 over the air. Our special guest is Dr. Mustafa Ansari, an international lawyer and dean of the American Institute of Human Rights

The "Human Rights Demand" broadcast will be archived at Blogtalkradio for future listening 24/7.

Thank you for giving Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill.
Mary Neal, director
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill ("AIMI")
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It would be illegal to keep a dog in a tight space 23 hours a day and gas or Taser him for barking. It would be illegal to put a dog in deadly restraint for control. This happens to mentally ill Americans routinely in the nation's jails and prisons. What happened to Larry Neal?

Mentally Ill Americans Need Dog Justice. Treat mental illness medically, not legally. Please advocate for the U.S. Congress to pass H.R.3717 - Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act. Elect only people who support human rights and justice for all.


Alicia Dorsey said...

i was at a meeting advocating for Gaza and wasn't able to listen to this, wish i could have been part of the conversation for i have a friend currently suffering from mental illness in the hole at SCI Huntingdon in Pennsylvania where the prison guards are known for bullying and mistreating the inmates. my friend Tyson Coleman BN3209 writes me letters of death and suicide, suffering from PTSD shoved into the hole with other mental ill inmates who are doped up and fucked with as a way of life. i called to speak to his counselor Ms. George and she told me he was doing fine, but his letters says different, i tried calling her yesterday, she was not able to answer so i spoke to someone else and told them my concerns about Tyson mental break down and how he may hurt himself or some else there, she said Ms. George would call me back and she never did. Tyson says that we can't trust the staff there for all they do is lie and cover up their deceit. Thanks for all that you do for inmates and the abuse they suffer as neglected mental health citizens.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Thank you, Alicia Dorsey. The broadcast is recorded and should be available at the link above.

Thanks, also, for your update on Tyson Coleman. We are bundling 100 cases of abuse to mentally ill Americans for the United Nations. I will look forward to receiving more information about Mr. Coleman.

Alicia Dorsey said...

I'd like to expose the abuses and misconducts of correctional staff here at SCI Huntingdon. I begin with conditions of confinement. I am surrounded by vermin as well as roaches. Although the institution provides an exterminator service, the infestation is a continuing dilemma. Cells are generally too cold. I usually have to wear 2 pairs of socks, 2 shirts, and my jumpsuit just to barely keep warm. At times I must wear this while utilizing a blanket just to sleep.

Lights are kept on 24 hours a day. The toilet is on a timer, and if you flush too quickly you must wait for the timer to reset. Not exactly comfortable if you have a cell partner! Food is generally served cold. Trays usually have water or condensation around them because they sit for long periods of time before being served. Water seeps into food posing health risks. Although Department of Corruptions directives state that RHU prisoners shall have the same portions; portions are not equal to those of the general population.

Clothes is laundered once a week and if you have a cell partner you must use the same laundry bag. Clothes generally come back dirty! Correctional staff liked to "burn" or not provide trays or yard periods to those who they pick on, although DOC policy forbids such retaliation. Grievances are addressed, but the rationales do not specifically address issues cited and the specific issue is generally ignored. If you are served with a misconduct report, the hearing examiner is not impartial at times known to say that he believes his officers over the prisoner. Clearly a statement made by someone who is biased. The Program Review Committee is basically the same way.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Thank you for sharing what prisoners experience in Pennsylvania and the blog, "The Voice of the Anti-Imperialist Movement from Under Lock & Key," Alicia Dorsey.

The prison obviously runs its air conditioning much too high. Have you complained about that to officials? It seems that having cold cells and other conditions you wrote about would make inmates sick.

Please continue to write about situations in the prison. We have a large number of readers who care about human rights. I will read the blog at


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