Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Drunk Tank Torture in Alabama Prison

A mother wrote about unsanitary conditions:

My son was placed in an area referred to by institution personnel as a "drunk tank" for more than one year. This section of the facility has no toilet, running water, or bedding. He had to use a drain in the floor to urinate and defecate. This area is equipped with a camera, and each time my son had to relieve himself, a guard's voice was heard over the intercom making unnecessary and crude comments. The staff is required to flush the drain in the floor of his cell from the outside, which is rarely done. Due to the lack of the personnel's adherence to responsibilities, the floor's drain became clogged on numerous occasions. Alabama's high humidity in the summer, and the lack of proper disinfecting, created a strong ammonia odor and an infestation of bugs within the cell. My son had numerous bug bites, and cleaning supplies were denied to him by staff, along with drinking water and requests to shower. This situation went on for extended periods of time. As a simple request for toilet tissue was being denied, so that my son could not clean himself for weeks at a time, I went to the facility with a large amount of toilet tissue which I attempted to donate to the institution. My donation was rejected, and I was told to take the tissue back home. It was after this incident that my son received a roll of toilet tissue.

I will share more of these horrendous conditions that our loved ones are exposed to here in the Alabama Facilities of Horrors, from my own personal experience, not hearsay.
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It would be illegal to keep a dog in a tight space 23 hours a day and gas or Taser him for barking. It would be illegal to put a dog in deadly restraint for control. That happens to mentally ill people routinely in the nation's correctional facilities. What happened to Larry Neal?

Mentally Ill Americans Need Dog Justice. Treat mental illness medically, not legally. Please advocate for your congresspersons to pass H.R.3717 - The "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act." Try to elect people who support human rights and justice for all, not prison investors who have a conflict of interest in voting to decriminalize mental illness in the United States of America, an equal opportunity nation where only poor and middle-class people are arrested for mental illness and drug/alcohol addictions.

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