Thursday, October 2, 2014

L.A. County Trades Jail for Treatment

EXTRA! Los Angeles to Offer Treatment Instead of Jail for Mentally Ill Offenders! 

(Sept. 24, 2014) Los Angeles County has announced a plan to help low-level offenders with serious mental illness obtain alternative sentencing, allowing for treatment instead of prison time (“Mental Illness program could transform LA county justice system,” the Los Angeles Times, Sept. 17).

“It is time to stop bouncing people who are mentally ill and genuinely sick between the streets and our jails,” said District Attorney Jackie Lacey. “This is an unconscionable waste of human life and money.”

This project has the potential to not only reduce recidivism rates and encourage humane treatment for the mentally ill, but also set a precedent for the criminal justice system throughout the country, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Read the entire article in "Treatment Advocacy Center" at the first link above.

Thank you for giving Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill.

It would be illegal to keep a dog in a tight space 23 hours a day and gas or Taser him for barking. It would be illegal to put a dog in deadly restraint for control. That happens to mentally ill people routinely in the nation's correctional facilities. What happened to Larry Neal?

Mentally Ill Americans Need Dog Justice. Treat mental illness medically, not legally. Please advocate for your congresspersons to pass H.R.3717 - The "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act." Try to elect people who support human rights and justice for all.

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