Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Estate Planning for Mentally Ill or Developmentally Challenged Children

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Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) seeks input from #lawyers who have advice for parents of children or adults with Autism, epilepsy, Downs syndrome, and mental illness. The time to establish trust funds and name reliable executors to their children's estates is now. AIMI does not want to write articles about these children being cruelly incarcerated for their mental illnesses and developmental disabilities weeks after their parents' demise if this could be avoided by proper planning.
If you have advice for middle class people who wish to prepare for their children with such disabilities and some with elderly parents experiencing old-age dementia, AIMI would appreciate your input. Please write or recommend articles about preparing for the continuing needs of mentally challenged relatives after one's demise. Most AIMI members are poor or middle class families, but there must be some arrangements that middle income people can make so that their mentally challenged loved ones will be less likely to experience homelessness, incarceration, or police violence after the main caretakers' deaths.
Many of the families with whom AIMI works are headed by people who are approaching middle age and worry how their grown children who have mental dysfunctions will manage after their own demise. Every day, young couples give birth to children who have Down syndrome or who develop Autism or some other impairment. Estate planning for these families is of the utmost importance. Do you have advice and provide services for them, lawyers?

Attorneys who wish to advertise with AIMI should email Mary Neal, AIMI's director at the addresses below. Reasonable rates apply. Potential clients need criminal lawyers and civil rights attorneys as well as estate lawyers. Your legal services will be featured and run indefinitely at "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" articles http://DogJusticeforMentallyIll.blogspot.com and will be mentioned during our "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill" and/or our "Human Rights Demand" radio broadcasts. I would welcome interviewing an estate law firm about preparing for sick and disabled people when mom and dad are no longer with them.

Families with mentally ill members sometimes win lawsuits related to police overuse of force incidents, prisoner torture, and other adversities that are prone to happen disproportionately to people with psychiatric impairments. Up to 100 mentally ill people and/or their families who join "AIMI vs. USA" expect to be financially compensated through a lawsuit in International Court for a range of infractions against their persons, including wrongful deaths. Estate planning advice will be needed for these claimants. http://AIMI-HumanRights.blogspot.com

Your advertising in Dog Justice for Mentally Ill would be appreciated. Otherwise, feel free to comment below without cost to recommended an article, or recommend your own law firm or insurance company to help people with needs that are peculiar to families with mentally ill members and dependents with developmental disabilities. AIMI's main objective is getting such families the information that they need. Thank you in advance for your help making Legal Victories possible for families with such challenges.

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Frank Sit said...

It is not just the mental health system that has to change, but the education system. Children who have experienced both Trauma or trauma, are referred to mental health because of their behavior in school. Treatment is to meet the educators' needs, not the child or the family. Many hands get tied that way. If medication is postponed with therapy only, and the behavior doesn't improve quickly enough, the child is at risk of placement anyway.......Our major public institution where children spend most of their days, is not equipped to respond to symptoms that manifest as behaviors. Everything is labeled defiance and treated with punishment. It is a tragedy of epic proportion.

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