Friday, April 1, 2016

Mental Health Laws April 1

In an effort to speed the euthanasia and imprisonment of mentally ill Americans, all remaining public psychiatric hospitals will be closed April 30, 2016, and effective immediately, every chronically homeless person will be arrested indefinitely for vagrancy. There will be no investigations or prosecution connected with deaths by police and corrections officers of mentally ill Americans, hereinafter called "useless eaters." Families inquiring about missing and murdered useless eaters will be financially persecuted, terrorized, and maliciously prosecuted. Efforts to use the Internet to gain support for useless eaters will be censored. Health discrimination is the LAW. See more at Current measures will continue, including:

1. There will be no admissions for treatment of mental illness in the absence of a crime. Serious crimes are preferred, as they equate longer sentences and generate the most prison profits. No consideration will be given to protecting the public by providing psychiatric treatment (voluntary or involuntary) prior to a crime. Psychiatric treatment will be rendered in public mental hospitals only to get useless eaters trial-ready, after which time they will be sentenced to jails and prisons, where psychiatric treatment will either cease or become substandard.

2. The Sixth Amendment right to a fair, speedy trial with adequate defense appointed is suspended for mentally ill defendants. Useless eaters are to be held in correctional institutions indefinitely to enforce plea bargains and sentencing without trials. Solitary confinement is preferred.

3. Unless the arrest was highly public, do not notify the useless eaters' families. If families or social workers call or file missing person reports, deny that anyone with that name or description is in custody. This makes it easier to keep useless eaters warehoused without opportunities for bail and prevents interference by defense attorneys.

4. For the few cases that go to trial, no consideration will be given for mental disabilities during criminal prosecution of useless eaters. Judges are encouraged to enact long prison sentences and capital punishment.

5. All judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, legislators, corrections officers, law enforcement and Justice Department personnel are encouraged to purchase prison stocks, so that they will benefit personally from the roundup and lengthy incarceration of mentally ill Americans. Complaints about these conflicts of interest will be censored.

6. There will be no assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) programs for useless eaters exiting jails, prisons, and public mental hospitals. Subsistence assistance and mandated psychiatric treatment under AOT programs reduce recidivism by up to 90 percent, which would substantially reduce prison investors' stock value.

7. There will be no new crisis intervention team (CIT) training for police and corrections officers. Fatal shootings during lunacy arrests are encouraged. Law enforcement should always say, "I feared for my life." No corrections officers will be prosecuted for killing useless eaters in scalding showers, restraint chairs, by Tasers, or gladiator sports (human dog fights). Withholding food (death by starvation) is also highly effective and encouraged.

8. Deny visits and phone calls to families, and refuse them any information about the inmates' condition and treatment by using HIPAA laws. Families cannot complain abuses they don't know about.

9. Put mentally challenged girls, such as Kathia Casseus, in detention on birth control as soon as practicable after incarceration to avoid impregnation by corrections officers and others.

10. Medical examiners will use "excited delirium" instead of "Taser" as causes of death. All cases of death by hanging, starvation, and over medication will be labeled "deaths by suicide."

11. Send "our" defense attorneys to contract with families seeking wrongful death lawsuits. Their job is to keep the cases out of court or encourage low settlements without trials, i.e., The Cochran Firm fraud.

12. Media companies, human and civil rights organizations, and unauthorized attorneys will ignore attempts by family members and next friends to rescue brutalized useless eaters and will refrain from exposing, investigating or prosecuting after deaths by police or corrections officers. Grassroots organizations and individual advocates will be censored or ignored. Persistence will result in harsher measures.

Question for hackers: If you had been successful in deleting no. 9 when you tried, would you have skipped that number or substituted with something benign?

This is an April Fool's Day prank only for some of you, but not for the Neal family and many others in the USA. See "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" and visit "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog at MLJ

Americans who do not insist on treatment before tragedies are all April Fools and foolish every day of the year. Read no. 1 again: Serious crimes are preferred, as they equate longer sentences and generate the most prison profits. No consideration will be given to protecting the public by providing psychiatric treatment (voluntary or involuntary) prior to a crime. 

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) 
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