Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mentally Ill Americans Disallowed Advocates

I am sorry to report that you and/or your relatives and neighbors are targeted for mass arrest, brutality, and murders that continue under the color of law, especially targeting brain damaged people. Unfortunately, you are not allowed advocates against these crimes that happen continuously. We will continue to fight together, however, and it helps to know who one's enemies are.

The hackers who are illegally controlling my computer usage have been found. On July 14, there were three(3) devices legitimately using Wi-Fi from my modem, but the AT&T list showed seven(7) were online with me using my network through my modem. That means they must be close neighbors (the citizens police I have written about). This film at https://youtu.be/387PbHHh8o8 is evidence. Later, there were ten(10) devices connected to my modem, seven(7) of which were illegal. Proof was captured and saved on the pdf document at the link below https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7OOCl9xjk33NjAzS0VaWFlJZU0/view?usp=sharing .

On July 16, I was on the phone with an AT&T tech, who was helping me to "whitelist" only the MAC and IP addresses my home uses, and that should keep all others out. The hackers became angry, apparently, and my modem stopped being able to get the WiFi at all. I called police, and an officer came who refused to take the IP addresses of my intruders. He said that a detective would call me and get the information on Sunday, July 17. No detective called. On July 18, and I called police again and learned that the police officer never filed a police report and that no detective had been assigned to investigate the takeover and disabling of my modem. This is very possibly because the hackers are themselves police officers. I will go now and apply for a restraining/protective order, although Georgia courts have already ruled my family as "immaterial."

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