Sunday, July 1, 2012

Prison, Sex Aubse, and Death for Retarded Teen?

Kathia Casseus, age 16, with an I.Q. of 68, was sentenced to a juvenile correctional facility for taking her mom's car on a joyride. Unfortunately, she had an accident. The facility where she was interned put her on birth control patches (FOR SOME UNEXPLAINED REASON), then ignored the retarded teens' complaints about shortness of breath and chest pains, which were likely a side-effect of the patches. Actually, the guards did not ignore Kathia's complaints - Guards put her in solitary so they would not have to listen to her say she could not breathe and was suffering great pain. After she died, they finally called 911.


(one link, two photo) Excerpt from "Neglected Prisoners' Gov Health Care Plan" in my FreeSpeakBlog. Kathia Casseus, 16, of Kansas City, took her mother's car for a joyride and had an accident. For this adolescent act, she was sentenced to an eight-month rehabilitation program in the Jackson County Family Court System. Three months later, for reasons still unknown to her mother, Kathia, 16, was sent to Children's Mercy Hospital, where Defendants Children's Mercy Hospital, Delozier, and [defendant Dr. Stephen J.] Schuman prescribed and placed on her body the Ortho Evra birth control patch. Kathia's mother claims the birth control "was not indicated or necessary for Kathia. Information and history of injury and death from this most dangerous form of birth control is well published," according to the complaint. "In February this year, three months after being put on birth control, Kathia began complaining of heart pain and shortness of breath," her mom says. One day after complaining to her jailers about chest pains and her inability to breathe three times, Kathina was carried into an isolation cell where she screamed about not being able to breathe. They ignored her, then she died. Kathia "was born without a thyroid and had a functional IQ of about 68," her mother says in the complaint. Who in that facility was raping this retarded child and had her put on birth control patches? Was Kathia murdered to prevent her from answering that question, or did she die of medical neglect from the side-effects from her Ortho Evra birth control patches? See more information in FreeSpeakBlog at      "NEGLECTED PRISONERS' GOV HEALTH CARE PLAN." I am experiencing heavy cybercensorship publishing this news. Perhaps Kathia was murdered to prevent her from telling who was raping her in the juvenile correctional facility. If she was killed, authorities would likely cover up her murder like they did when my brother was secretly arrested for 18 days and murdered in Memphis Shelby County Jail while the facility was already under overview by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2003. See WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY Investigation is warranted to discover how many other young girls in that facility were put on birth control patches. Who is sexually abusing the children? (One link, two photos. Cell phone users, select "go to page 1" to see a photo of Kathia. She was a lovely teen.)

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