Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Georgia Kills Mentally Ill Inmates: Warren Hill

Update: Warren Hill got a stay of execution during the last hour before planned execution. Don't you want to Shout?! http://youtu.be/-Jgv6BS5jP4 See the AJC report http://bit.ly/13bRhJR Thank you, God and human rights advocates! Investigate to discover where Warren Hill got his weapon and why the retarded inmate had a cellmate in the first place. The original report is below the video of praise.

Original report: If Warren Hill is executed in the State of Georgia on February 19, 2013, it will send a message to all jails and prisons: If correction officers want an inmate murdered, simply put him in the cell with a homicidal mentally ill prisoner and give the sick prisoner a weapon. The mentally ill man will kill the unwanted inmate, then he will himself be executed like Warren Hill. End of story, friends. It is like killing two birds with one stone. Or is it? We must sue the State for Wrongful Death on behalf of Hill and his victim. Make executions of the mentally ill very expensive, especially when the crimes that give rise to the executions are caused by gross negligence or worse! Petitions, rallies, marches, and heartfelt pleas do not matter nearly as much as cold, hard cash to heartless people. Numerous states have eliminated executions in large part because of the expense. The best way to end capital punishment is to make it even more costly by abolitionists' lawsuits. Please see this article about Warren Hill from my anti-DP blog - "Georgia Murders the Mentally Ill: Warren Hill." It is at the following link

Brandon Rhode: Brain damaged young man executed by Georgia (2010)

Georgia cyberstalkers, why did you remove the paragraph about Brandon Rhode from the article at the link above? Brandon Rhode, 31, was another mentally challenged man who Georgia killed in 2010. I replaced the paragraph about Rhode after having emailed it without the information. Officials obviously already know that executing retarded and mentally ill people is illegal and immoral, or they would not have cyberstalkers to hide their offenses. Brandon had an alcoholic drug-addicted mother and was born brain damaged. He killed someone when he was a teen. A decade later, Georgia killed Brandon with faulty drugs purchased from the back of a bicycle shop in London, because other countries were making it hard for America to get execution drugs. Brandon tried to commit suicide days before his execution, but he was saved for the slaughter.

Mentally ill people continue to be brutalized and murdered under the color of law in the United States. New York Post reports that the mentally ill are being rounded-up in New York City right now. See the Post article, tastelessly entitled "Scoop the Nuts"
http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/scoop_the_nuts_TujGFMPDFLCfDgxDqmjHIL Who is next?
Presumably, mentally ill New Yorkers are being arrested without crimes or defense, as NDAA provides. Perhaps the mentally disabled will be America's first FEMA camp detainees, just as they were isolated in Nazi Germany concentration camps before World War II. Roughly 300,000 to 400,000 were murdered, including persons labeled as "nuts" who were as young as age two years. 

Before you shrug and say, "Not my problem," please remember that the Nazis only started with the mentally ill. Then the internment and murders soon spread to Germany's political dissidents as well as its minorities, including Jews, blacks, and homosexuals. Eventually the entire country existed behind an Iron Curtain, and nobody there was free.
Save Warren Hill. Gov. Deal's Chief of Staff, Chris Riley, and his executive assistant, Carrie Ashbee, are at (404) 656-1776. Please ask that Warren Hill not be loaded onto the same table where Troy Davis was executed in 2011, without proof of guilt, and slaughtered because black men and the mentally ill seemingly have no protected right to life in the United States of America, which is proved by stories at the seven links below. They make a total of eleven(11) links for this article, one(1) embedded video, and three(3) photographs.

Mary Neal, Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI)
Esposed - FreeSpeakBlog
Davis/McPhail Truth Committee
Human Rights for Prisoners March

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Thank you officials, judges, and Supreme Court justices for giving consideration to human rights for people in the United States, without regard to race, sex, ethnicity, health status, financial "worth", or any other distinction. Please be guided by the Golden Rule regarding Warren Hill and every inmate who is appointed to death. Be guided by God (Psalm 102:19-20).

Dog Justice is needed for retarded and mentally ill people in the United States.

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