Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mother Drowns Autistic Son: Patricia Corby

Daniel Corby

SAN DIEGO — A San Diego Superior Court judge sentenced Patricia Corby, 37, a Carmel Valley woman who drowned her 4-year-old autistic child in a bathtub in March, to 15 years to life in prison in January. Corby had pleaded guilty to second-degree murder on Dec. 27 for killing her son, Daniel, on March 31, 2012. See the entire article at this link

It is quite frustrating caring for a person with acute brain issues. Seek help before you begin to feel overwhelmed to the point of hurting yourself or others. Caregivers are capable of letting the demands of caring for their loved ones engulf them. Below are a few organizations that offer advice and assistance, two links for help are listed for each of the seven conditions named (total of 18 links in this article):



Depression and Bipolar Disorder




Drug Addition

Of course, it is preferable for mentally challenged people to enjoy a loving and protective family. But the strain is sometimes too much for family members. Commitment to treatment centers is sometimes out of reach for middle- and lower-income families, even for crisis patients. In fact, some families have given up on their mentally challenged loved ones, and that accounts for much homelessness among mentally ill Americans. See an article by Mary Neal, "Am I a Bad Person?"

Corby may be seen as a heartless killer, and she was sentenced to prison after drowning her precious son. It is a tragedy that probably resulted from Corby's own feelings of helplessness in a circumstance that overwhelmed her. She is likely a very sick woman. See an excerpt from an article at CafeMom:

Coupled with Corby's plans to commit suicide herself, her decision to turn herself in, her family's huge bills for Daniel's autism treatments, the description isn't of a cold-blooded killer but a woman with nowhere to turn. It's hard not to feel a least a modicum of sympathy. That's not excusing a criminal; it's being human. This is where we are caught, as humans, wondering what to think. It is human to show mercy.

Thank you for giving Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. Please share this report.

Mentally Challenged People and Their Families Need Dog Justice

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Mary Neal said...

I have not discovered what happens when cyberstalkers turn some of my links gray. Only two support organizations listed above stayed blue, which is the color all my links should be. Unfortunately, advocacy to decriminalize mental illness is censored. People with mental dysfunctions comprise over half of America's prison inmates, and incarceration is a very lucrative business.