Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chinese Dad Chains Blind, Mentally Ill Son in Cave; USA Uses Bullets, Tasers, and SHU

People in the UK and America are aghast at reading this headline in the Daily Mail: "Chinese father chains his blind, mentally ill son in a cave after losing their home (while he goes to live with his daughters)". People criticize the father for taking such drastic steps to protect his son, Cheng Xiangtao, 26, after losing their home. How is America better, since mentally ill people suffer 23 hours a day in solitary confinement in 9 ft x 6 ft cells? Sixty percent of inmates in SHU are mentally ill, and 1.25 million of America's prisoners are mentally challenged. Hypocrites should remove the beam in their own eye before criticizing the Chinese dad's mote. Cheng Yuanchao, 70, visits his son three times a day, does not Taser him, gas him, or let him die of starvation or brutality like some American mentally ill inmates do.

Yuanchao did not fracture his son's larynx like Maryland police did to Ethan Saylor, beat him to death like police did to Kelly Thomas, kill him through dehydration and neglect on a restraint table like Tim Souders, starve him to death behind bars like Carlos Umana, leave him to die in his own urine like Xavius Scullark-Johnson, Taser him to death like Inman Morales, or fatally shoot him like Christian Freeman, Brian Claunch, Mohamed Bah, Idriss Stelley, and many others. Yuanchao did not murder his son under secret arrest like Memphis police did to Larry Neal, or kill him through medical neglect like Anna Brown and Kathia Casseus. Yuanchao did not execute Cheng like Texas plans for Scott Panetti. Furthermore, Yuanchao does not use Cheng to enrich himself like American prison investors do to Rodriquez Nelson, who was sentenced to 56 years in prison for a domestic altercation that resulted in no lasting injuries.

"I have no home of my own now and nowhere to house my son," said Yuanchao. "This is the best I can do. I visit him three times a day with food and water so he is never hungry or thirsty. The chain is there only so he doesn't run off and hurt himself." Cheng is chained to the cave, which may seem cruel. Cheng is not free to roam alone and be murdered like Mitrice Richardson was, and her bones were found in the desert after a year's search.

Perhaps indigent and working class Americans would also seek ways to safely contain their mentally disabled relatives during heath crises when treatment is denied in order to save them from murderous police officers and ravenous private prison investors if such containment would not result in their own arrests. Humane and less expensive alternatives are offered in "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill Blog Welcome" at
Corrective measures include: 1. police officers trained to make lunacy arrests without violence; 2. increased inpatient hospital space and reinstatement of Medicaid insurance for inpatient care; and 3. assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) programs for continuous psychiatric treatment and subsistence (food and housing). Providing adequate care for America's mentally dysfunctional citizens is significantly less expensive than fighting wars for human rights abroad, yet many families in the United States have even fewer choices for their mentally challenged relatives than Yuanchao has.

See the Daily Report article about Yuanchao's distress and love for his son at the link below:

Cheng Xiangtao, blind and mentally disabled, enjoys the sun and wind and visits three times daily from his dad, unlike American mentally challenged inmates who are cruelly imprisoned in tiny solitary confinement cells 23 hours per day, some for decades.



Irishgreeneyes said...

Wow Im lost for word's thank you for sharing Mary x

Mary Neal said...

Thank you for commenting, Irishgreeneyes. The victims listed herein are in worse shape than the blind Chinese man who is chained to a cave. They are dead, except for Panetti, who is on death row, and Nelson, who is also intended to die in prison. I believe Americans want to do better for our mentally challenged relatives and neighbors, and we should insist on it. Blessings!