Saturday, September 28, 2013

Police Won Battles with a 95-yr-old, 107-yr-old, and a double amputee - Killed 'em all

John Wrana, 95

Age-onset dementia and Alzheimer's plague many people as they age. Most elders get forgetful and confused at times. Throughout the nation, concerned families place their elderly relatives in care homes to see that their needs are met around the clock. Care homes ideally provide compassionate aids, three nutritious meals daily, and take ailing senior citizens to their doctors' appointments. But if the elders resist going to doctors' appointments, the care homes may call police, then police kill the obstinate senior citizens. That 'tough love' happened to John Wrana, age 95, by Forest, Illinois police officers. Excerpts from World Socialist News Service are below:

Police kill 95-year old man in assisted living facility

[August 10, 2013] On July 27 Park Forest, Illinois, police, armed with Tasers, a shotgun and flexible batons or “bean bag” rounds and a riot shield, shot John Wrana, a 95-year-old resident of an assisted living facility, eventually killing him. In the course of subduing the elderly man, police shocked Wrana with a Taser and fired “bean bag” rounds at his chest when he refused to be transported for medical treatment . . . Victory Centre staff reportedly pleaded with police to let them help Wrana get into the ambulance . . . Claiming that he refused to comply with verbal commands to drop a knife, police proceeded to shoot the 95-year-old man with a Taser. [According to the cops], when this proved “ineffective”, police shot Warner multiple times in the chest with flexible baton “bean bag” rounds from a shotgun . . . The “bean bag” rounds used by police in the killing of Wrana consist of a fabric bag filled with lead shot. When fired from a shotgun at the chest, they have the power to push broken ribs into the heart and cause internal bleeding to the abdomen. Bean bag rounds pose a serious risk of death or injury when fired from less than 10 feet away . . . [According to the lawyer for the Wrana family, Nicholas Grapas], there is no evidence to account for the existence of a “12-inch butcher type kitchen knife” with which police claimed Wrana threatened them. Wrana’s family never saw a knife in his room on previous visits, nor did facility staff find knives or similar weapons in his possession. (Read the entire article at the link above.)

Monroe Isadore, 107

Park Forest, Illinois police had what might have been the record for killing the world's oldest police victim for less than a month. On September 7, Pine Bluff, Arkansas SWAT officers killed Monroe Isadore, 107,  who resisted being taken to his new apartment.  Like many elders, Isadore did not welcome changing homes, so he was shot to death in a hail of at least 30 bullets, according to witnesses. 

The U.S. Department of Justice should require police officers not to carry deadly weapons into care homes or private homes when responding to calls regarding very elderly persons. They seem only to know "shoot to kill," and that is a highly inappropriate response to age-onset dementia and Alzeheimer's. Email the Department of Justice at . Perhaps police should wait until the confused elder falls asleep, then use a sheet or fishing net.

Brian Claunch

The same methods would serve to capture unarmed, psychotic double amputees from their care homes, like Brian C. Claunch, who was fatally shot by Houston cops.
Police Ridicule, Beat, Taser & Kill Amputees

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Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill


Mary Neal said...

Please excuse NSA or other cyber stalkers. They seem to have censored the photograph of Brian Claunch. I noticed they don't seem to like it when I show that whites are treated brutally, also. TRY to see his photo at this link:

Sidratul Muntaha Choudhury said...

I think it is very important that to maintain assisted living for mentally ill.

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MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Cyber stalkers SWIPED the photo of Brian Claunch. He was a white, pitiful mentally ill amputee in a wheelchair, armed only with a ballpoint pen, who they think you might care more about than black or physically whole victims.