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Terrell Scott and Shannon Nyamodi: Forcing a Plea

Scott Terrell, imprisoned 4.5 years without trial  

1)   Thank you, friends, who listened to National Network in Action BlogTalkRadio shows December 27/28, 2013. The links to our two broadcasts have not appeared at the NNIA page at Blogtalkradio on my view, although they concluded hour(s) ago.

2)   12/28/13 Real Talk Open Mic Night 8:00pm to 8:45pm

3)   12/28/13 Justice for All Open Mic Night 9:00pm to 9:45pm

4)   The December 28 shows may have failed to appear yet at the NNIA Blogtalkradio page because of our censored subject matter. Guests on the December 28th shows included Terrell Scott's mother and brother. Scott has been incarcerated for 4.5 years without trial in Pennsylvania. His mother, Holly Alston, has court documents showing that Scott's prosecutor prevents his case from going to trial by falsely claiming to the court that Scott is mentally unfit for trial and is being treated in a mental hospital. Scott is actually in prison and hoping for a trial to clear himself of the false charges. The family reports that the prosecutor and Scott's attorney seem to be working together against Scott. Apparently, the state cannot prove its case. Therefore, Scott is being held hostage to FORCE the innocent young man to sign a plea deal.

5)   When Ms. Alston reached out to the public through Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) and the National Network in Action radio shows, she reported that Scott's attorney had not visited her son but twice in nearly five years. Since AIMI brought this matter to public attention, she reports that Scott's lawyer now repeatedly visits her son and offers him plea deals. Everyone deserves an opportunity to prove innocence in an impartial court before a jury of his peers. Everyone deserves competent defense by an attorney who works for and not against his/her client. Nobody should be indefinitely detained without trial. Please agree that Pennsylvania is wrong. Terrell Scott deserves a trial to prove his innocence. If Pennsylvania concedes that the state cannot prove its case, Terrell Scott should be freed without having to sign lies on himself.

6) Our first article about Terrell Scott in the "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog gives background information on the false allegations that led to Scott's arrest and wrongful imprisonment (see the url below). The article has AIMI's earlier interviews with Scott's family and a witness. The mentally challenged youth was a sex slave for a 40-year-old Caucasian woman for four years, until he reported her negligence and abuse of her children. Her five children were removed from her care, and she filed false charges against Scott in retaliation. Scott's brother reports that the false accuser later apologized to him for lying on Scott:

7) Terrell Scott - Teen Sex Slave Wrongly Arrested in PA


9) NNIA allows victimized people to relay their unjust treatment to the public. Since learning that Scott's prosecutor is filing false information in court to prevent trial for the youth, NNIA was prevented from going on air at Blogtalkradio on December 22 and December 26. We do not know if this was done because of the new information in Scott's case, or if it was to prevent further discourse on the Shannon Nyamodi case.

10) Shannon is another black youth who is imprisoned without trial. He is imprisoned in North Carolina on ridiculous charges that also cannot be proved. Nyamodi rushed to a Caucasian woman's aid when she stumbled out of her house bleeding and screaming. She had been shot. Shannon, the good Samaritan, was arrested as the shooter despite the victim's and other witnesses' declarations that Shannon did not shoot her; he helped her and called 911. Google "Shannon Nyamodi: A Good Samaritan Imprisoned." (Shannon's article is in the "Human Rights for Prisoners" blog, because he has no mental illness. It was repeated in the "EXPOSED - FreeSpeakBlog" because of cybersalkers' interference.)

11) Shannon's mother, Elizabeth Crudup, had sought assistance from many people and organizations before this writer met her on social media. I published articles about Shannon and interviewed her on National Network in Action's radio shows. Ms. Crudup reports there is also an attempt to make Shannon sign false allegations against himself while officers of the court (his attorney and prosecutor) prevent his case from going to trial

12) Thank you for signing Scott's petition and for sharing this article. We appreciate your help for justice. Thank you for giving ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL

Mentally Challenged People Deserve Dog Justice

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