Thursday, May 28, 2015

Censorship re Cleveland Police Killings

The videos below prove hackers work as Mary Neal does to curtail the human rights activist's freedom of press rights. Hackers oppose Mary Neal posting information about Melissa Williams and Timothy Russel, a mentally ill Ohio woman and her driver who police killed in a hail of 137 bullets that taxpayers bought. Video 1 shows hackers redacted part of my post about Melissa, who was a 30-year-old homeless woman and had suffered over 50 arrests. >> Officer Brelo was acquitted of charges related to the black, unarmed couple's murder last week. He jumped on the roof of the couple's car and shot 47 bullets through their windshield, then said he "feared for his life."

Video No. 1

I made a new videotape of my censorship to show the text hackers redacted (through strike-through) on my post about the unarmed black couple who Officer Brelo and other police officers killed does not appear as redacted text on my edit screen. See a close-up view on YouTube video >> The hackers apparently redacted my text by using the strike-through feature. I don't know how my G+ post appears on other people's computers, because hackers are capable of engineering IP-specific views.

Video No. 2

I appreciate Screencastify software by Google, which allows me to upload videos showing my censorship rights are attacked to hide the murders of black and mentally ill Americans. Sometimes it takes lots of espionage to upload films from my digital camera to YouTube. I am followed when I leave home, and hackers take over whatever computers I use in libraries or at friends' houses. Therefore, we now have hundreds of videos proving my censorship and proving that I am followed. We plan to upload the videos at and sell them to the public, because (a) I am financially persecuted and need funds, and (b) funds would help with our advocacy to decriminalize mental illness in the USA (where sick people are used as prison commodities).

I hope that the world will be interested in my censorship and intimidation as a survivor of a black mental patient who was kidnapped by police and secretly arrested and killed in the Memphis Shelby County Jail in Tennessee, USA. As director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI), my advocacy for justice irritates fascists in government. It should interest Americans and other world citizens to learn how the human rights of U.S. families and activists are violated when we object to police violence against Americans with mental disabilities, like Melissa Williams and my murdered brother, Larry Neal. Please see more information at the "Wrongful Death of Larry" website (url below) and in over 1,000 online articles with that tag.

Interestingly, neither of the two videos above appeared among my videos presented at Twitter, where I am @Koffietime >>. The videos are apparently censored. In America, censorship is used to contain news about crimes against humanity, which happen frequently, then more censorship is used to hide the fact that censorship was used initially. A website that attempts to document police killings by using news reports is "Killed By Police" at >> It records 1,500 police killings since January 2014. "Killed By Police" omits murders of U.S. prisoners and police-related killings that were censored initially, like Larry Neal's was, which were never reported in the news. For example, the State of Florida reports 346 inmate deaths for 2014 alone. America has 50 states, all of which have abusive correctional facilities and pathetically irresponsible oversight.

I will return and make the links live on this page and add my signature later. Hackers who may be paid with tax dollars make this impossible right now. Your comments are invited below. Your help by sharing this article and/or the censored videos would be appreciated. Blessings.

Human Rights Article by Mary Neal
Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI)

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