Friday, September 18, 2015

Add Kathia Casseus to "Shattered Families" Memorial Credits

How can you help Kathia Casseus, a retarded teenager, be featured among the memorials in the "Shattered Families" movie credits? Kathia was sentenced to serve eight months in a Kansas juvenile facility after going joyriding in her mom's car and having a small accident. Shortly after arriving at the juvenile facility, she was put on birth control, likely to make it safe for guards to rape her. Kathia was allergic to the Ortho Evra birth control patch that Children's Mercy Hospital prescribed for Kathia without her mother's knowledge. When Kathia complained about heart pain and not being able to breathe, no medical care was rendered. Instead, she was dumped in a solitary confinement cell, where she died.

Write Kathia's name in a comment as you make a donation at Indiegogo to help produce the movie by noted psychiatrist and best selling author, Stephen Seager. Your name and Kathia's name and her photograph will then appear in the film's credits. Make the world aware of the mass incarceration and avoidable deaths of mentally challenged Americans. Expose and oppose wrongful deaths like Kathia suffered. Details are in this article: 

Connect with the fundraiser and read more information at 
Please give whatever amount you can. Nothing is too small or too big.

"Shattered Families: The Collapse of America's Mental Health System."

Please be aware that Senator Bernie Sanders, a U.S. presidential candidate, introduced legislation to eliminate the private prison system in America. Sanders also said that his campaign would focus on eliminating the War on Drugs, which AIMI members know is actually a war against drug addicts and their families. With mental health professionals like Dr. Seager and public officials like Senator Sanders and Representatives Tim Murphy and Eddie Bernice Johnson and their co-sponsors striving to improve justice in America, we may soon arrive at positive change. Wrongful incarceration, prison abuse, and deadly lunacy arrests are the greatest crises that people with mental health challenges face in the USA.

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MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Google, there is hacking happening to prevent the public's view of this article. Please check your security. There was a curtain over parts of this article when I returned to it after confronting censorship in its regard at Facebook. I wrote about that at "Justice Gagged" blog:

Do hackers at Facebook prevent the post below because they favor Donald Trump for president, or:
1) They favor putting teenage girls in juvenile facilities on birth control to be raped by corrections officers?
2) They want to hide the fact that Kathia, 16, died of side effects of Ortho birth control patches, which she was prescribed by Mercy Children's Hospital in Kansas to prevent her pregnancy after repeated rapes?
3) They hate that Stephen B. Seager, M.D., a psychiatrist and best-selling author is producing "Shattered Families," a movie that will expose the mass incarceration and wrongful deaths of mentally ill Americans?
4) They oppose Senator Bernie Sanders' newly introduced bill to eliminate private prisons and jails in America - The JusticeIsNotForSaleAct?

See all 12 possibilities for censorship in the "Justice Gagged" article, "Kathia Casseus and Shattered Families Censored at Facebook"

Thank you, AIMI members and general public, for supporting "Shattered Families" movie and for supporting the "Justice Is Not For Sale Act" by Sen. Sanders and the "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act" by Representatives Tim Murphy and Eddie Bernice Johnson. I feel that we should be allowed to support motion pictures regarding social justice and congressional bills without censorship, even Black women like myself, despite what Mr. Huckabee said about the Greg Scott Decision still being the law of the land.