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The Salvation Army Helps Mental Patients


Dog Justice for the Mentally Ill

THE SALVATION ARMY has ministered to the needs of America's homeless mentally ill and other persons in crisis since 1820. The Salvation Army was founded in the United Kingdom by William Booth and his wife Catherine as the North London Christian Mission with a quasi-military structure. It operates in 120 countries, providing relief to suffering people after disasters caused by nature, poor health, or economic and social injustice.
Mission Statement:  The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the Christian church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in his name and without discrimination.

Programs that help

The Salvation Army provides food, shelter, emergency financial assistance for utilities, etc., job training, counseling, and many other services.  Especially as mental hospitals continue to close and budgets for community care are slashed, the Salvation Army is particularly needed by acute mental patients and persons who are alcohol/chemical dependent. This organization not only ministers to individuals' immediate needs, but it is instrumental in helping people to change the direction of their lives and has restored thousands of people to wholesome living. 

Rebuilding Lives
Together we can make a difference in the lives of others.
Join us today to make a difference. With your help, The Salvation Army will continue assisting those who are homeless, abused or disadvantaged in pursuit of its goals: serving the most people, meeting the most needs, DOING THE MOST GOOD!

Community and Fellowship

THERE ARE NO THROW-AWAY PEOPLE.  The Salvation Army's main converts were at first alcoholics, morphine addicts, prostitutes and other "undesirables" who were not welcome in polite Christian society. 

Comfort and Support
The Salvation Army is well-known for its network of thrift stores or Charity Shops, which raise money for its charitable and religious activities by selling donated used items such as clothing, housewares and toys. The Salvation Army has a history of free rehabilitation from alcohol and drug abuse. Thrift stores provide the revenue to run the Adult Rehabilitation Centers. Mentally challenged and physically disabled people get job training by refurbishing donated furniture and appliances. My brother, Larry Neal, a lifelong schizophrenic heart patient, was once in a program to prepare donated refrigerators for resale ( ). Items of clothing collected by Salvation Army stores that are not sold on location are often sold wholesale on the global second hand clothing market. The Salvation Army offers free pickup for some donations.
The Salvation Army depends on volunteers and donations. Contact the Salvation Army if you need assistance or can give a helping hand. 
Information for this ad is from Wikipedia and The Salvation Army's website. Visit today at Salvation Army
Thanks to everyone who supports the Salvation Army!


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