Monday, March 19, 2012

Rodriquez Nelson: 56-yr sentence for domestic altercation

Mary Nelson's heart endured too much stress when her son was victimized by the injustice system due to his inappropriate conduct caused by mental illness. She suffered a heart attack during her son's first ordeal as a domestic violence defendant. Mary said she expressed concern to her son's girlfriend soon after meeting her. Rodriquez Nelson was an eligible bachelor in his mid-twenties, but Mary knew he was unable to handle a romantic relationship and the demands of fatherhood. Mary explained to the young woman several times that Rodriquez was mentally challenged, and she detailed his psychiatric history. Rodriquez's story is in this article, which has nine(9) links.

Dog Justice needed for Rodriquez Nelson, a retarded, mentally ill man
sentenced to 56 years in prison because of a domestic dispute; no lasting injuries
A petition link will be added the week of March 20, 2012
Mary Nelson - email address  - Phone number (870) 703-6626
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The romance between Rodriquez and the young woman happened despite his mother's concerns, and they had three children together. Rodriquez continued to live with his mother. He was unable to meet his girlfriend's expectations, and their relationship was tense at times. Rodriquez was arrested on domestic violence charges twice in incidents that were a year apart. There were no lasting injuries from either fight the couple had. The second time they fought, Rodriquez received a 56-year-sentence. Rodriquez and Arkansas taxpayers are paying dearly for Rodriquez's offense, which arose because of his mental incapacity. Physical altercations between couples should not happen, but they are common. Most men and women are released in days after domestic violence, if an arrest occurs at all. Rodriquez's 56-year prison sentence is excessive. He has already been imprisoned one year for the physical altercation he and his girlfriend had, but he still has 55 years remaining. The facts of the case are presented in fifteen(15) numbered paragraphs below:
  1. Age 32, unmarried black male
  2. June 2011 - date of imprisonment
  3. 56-year sentence
  4. Charges: domestic violence, aggravated residential burglary, child endangerment - Nelson had a physical altercation with his children's mother. There was no burglary, according to inmates' mom. The child endangerment charge was added because the couple's children were present in the home while the altercation happened.
  5. Nelson and his girlfriend have three daughters - age 7, twins age 3
  6. Nelson's public defender had him plead guilty to all charges. He and his mother thought the guilty plea was in exchange for a light sentence, but apparently that was not the case
  7. Nelson was born with retardation and was diagnosed as being mentally ill at an early age
  8. He has the mentality of a person age 12 or less; illiterate
  9. Social security since childhood - total disability
  10. Nelson's first domestic violence offense occurred a year before, in June 2010. He was arrested and released; he received no follow-up regarding psychiatric treatment the judge ordered
  11. After the second incident in 2011, Nelson was sent to a mental hospital for one month before imprisonment
  12. East Arkansas Regional Unit - general population
  13. ADC Inmate Population - Nelson's prison number is 150296
  14. Nelson's girlfriend objects to Nelson getting a 56-yr sentence for the altercation they had
  15. Mary Nelson reports that her son is kind and gentle and does well when he takes his medication properly, but like many mental patients who are not under a mandate to continue treatment, he lapsed
    Mary Nelson would appreciate your help: email address phone (870) 703-6626. A petition for Rodriquez Nelson will be posted at this site. Compare Nelson's sentence to the sentence served by a San Francisco B.A.R.T. officer who shot an unarmed, fully subdued young man named Oscar Grant on January 1, 2009. He served 11 months in prison. Rodriquez Nelson, his mother and girlfriend ask for your prayers and support on a petition to REMOVE EXCESSIVE SENTENCING FOR RODRIQUEZ NELSON. Mary Nelson requests legal assistance. She feels that her son should not have been induced to sign a guilty plea and sentenced to 56 years in prison for his offense.
    Rodriquez Nelson - Arkansas 
    Ouachita River Correction Unit
    Expected date of release is listed as 06/05/2031

    These are the facts of the case concerning Mr. Nelson according to his mother. Mary spelled her son's name "Rodriguez," but the "g" is a "q" on the Arkansas DOC database, so I changed it in this article. 

    See a short film about dogs who receive no care. Medicaid insurance was removed for inpatient psychiatric hospitals in the 1970s, and the nation's first private prisons were established as hundreds of thousands of mentally ill Americans were released from hospitals without provisions for subsistence assistance and continuous psychiatric treatment. This made our communities less safe, added billions per year to America's prison costs, and wrongly penalizes people for having a common, treatable health condition. Acute mental patients in America who are indigent or middle class and unable to pay for psychiatric health care have a plight similar to thrown-away dogs, but they lack animal rights protections. Abuse, murders, homelessness, suicides, and imprisonment are common outcomes, even for veterans suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome.

    Unfortunately, 1.25 million of America's inmates are mentally ill. They generally serve longer prison terms than other inmates and often have their sentences lengthened after imprisonment due to their lack of understanding of and inability to comply with prison rules. Roughly 60 percent of inmates in cruel solitary confinement are mentally ill. Prisons have basically replaced mental hospitals and community care in America, although the expense is staggering. PEW reported that incarceration costs were over $50 billion per year in 2009. The estimate rises to around $300 billion per year when factoring in police services, court costs, and attorneys for indigent defendants. Assisted outpatient treatment programs reduced arrests, hospitalization, homelessness, and imprisonment by over 85% among New York program participants compared to their rates three years before program participation. AOT program participants receive subsistence assistance if needed and mandated psychiatric monitoring. Precisely because imprisoning rather than treating mentally challenged Americans is lucrative for prison owners and investors, cyber censorship is applied to online work to decriminalize mental illness. Like all successful human and civil rights advocacy, rendering Dog Justice for Mentally Ill people has opponents. Please use the comment field below to express your opinions and notify us if any of the nine(9) links herein fail.

    For more information, please contact Rodriguez Nelson's mother or Mary Neal. This is an advocacy article by
    Mary Neal, Director of Dog Justice for Mentally Ill
    Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
    Website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
    Please share the Nelsons' story using this link

    JAIL IS THE LAST THING THAT MENTAL PATIENTS NEED, AND TOO OFTEN, IT IS THE VERY LAST THING THEY EXPERIENCE. Please join our effort to decriminalize mental illness. No one deserves to be punished for having a disability.

    INVITATION: Dogged out mentally challenged people, families, friends, human and civil rights advocates, and the community are invited to join DogJusticeforMentallyIll blog and post your stories and viewpoints  at no cost. Notify me at or by phone 678.531.0262 if you would like to publish your story or observations about mental health care.
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