Friday, June 6, 2014

Terrell Scott Re-Arrested on Indefensible Charges

1.  Terrell Scott's present imprisonment is the most blatant evidence of mentally ill Americans being victimized for being sick that this advocate has ever encountered. Scott was re-arrested on June 5 for failing to keep appointments with his probation office although he was committed to a mental hospital at the time. His crime is apparently that he never learned astral projection - the ability to appear two places simultaneously. Prison profiteers in the Pennsylvania justice system need a psych evaluation. This article was updated June 21, 2014, and again on June 27, 2014.

2.  In 2009, two veteran judges in Pennsylvania courts were charged with corruption after confessing to accepting $2.6m for railroading children into private juvenile facilities. The same thing is happening to the mentally ill and poor people in Pennsylvania, probably because whereas one of the judges was charged and sentenced, nothing at all happened to the prison owners, and this writer does not know about the second judge. Bribing judges is criminal, but the owners of the private prison facilities who conspired with the judges were spared prosecution, as far as I know.

3.  Terrell Scott was arrested off the word of a Caucasian woman who he exposed as being an abusive, negligent mother who enjoyed sex with underage black boys. When he reported her children's abuse to Pennsylvania authorities, Terrell's allegations were thoroughly investigated and found to be true. The children were removed from Crystal's custody. Months later, apparently missing her child support and blaming Terrell, Crystal went to officials and said that Terrell Scott had abused her children. No proof was offered, and Terrell Scott was never allowed to defend himself against the charges in court.

4.  Falsely accusing mentally ill people and black youths of crimes that never happened, then denying trial, is America's new prison profiteering game plan. Victims like Terrell Scott are held indefinitely without trials for years in torturous conditions unless and until they agree to sign false confessions and plea bargain. This happens throughout the United States, and it will continue and worsen unless Americans take a stand against the blatant denial of our constitutional right to a fair, public, speedy trial-by-jury as laid out in the Sixth Amendment.

5.  Shannon Nyamodi, an innocent black youth, age 20, was detained in Franklin County Jail in torturous solitary confinement for most two years, presumably to help the state avoid prosecuting a white youth who may have done the crime for which Nyamodi was arrested. Nyamodi's own attorney, Mike Klinkosum, helped North Carolina avoid taking his case to trial. For some reason, the North Carolina Department of Corrections suddenly transferred Nyamodi away from Franklin County Jail to another correctional facility last month, which finally relieved Nyamodi of torturous solitary confinement. 

6.  The first thing that Nyamodi did upon transfer was to fire his corrupt attorney, who had asked for a continuance rather than taking his client's case to trial despite having charged Nyamodi's family a king's ransom for his defense. Nyamodi (who was also apparently denied mail privileges in Franklin County Jail as well as visitors and telephone calls) mailed the termination letter to Klinkosum and filed a copy with the court. Mysteriously, Nyamodi was transferred right back to Franklin County Jail last week, and Klinkosum was able to extract his signature on a plea bargain the same day. The trauma of being sent back to his torture chamber must have robbed Nyamodi of his last resistance, which was the apparent plan.

7.  This week, a Florida judge actually interrupted court and engaged in a fist fight with a defense attorney who demanded his client's right to a speedy trial. Many judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys are prison investors, but the Florida defendant's case was apparently assigned to an honest public defender who wanted justice for his client, unlike Mike Klinkosum and Terrell Scott's attorney, Phil Lauer. See a film of the Florida judge vs. public defender below.

8.  Indefinite detention with trials denied ordinarily happens to black youths like Nyamodi or mentally ill Americans like Terrell Scott, because those defendants are most susceptible to intimidation. Mississippi has two mentally ill black men imprisoned and awaiting trials for seven and eight years. Apparently, the Mississippi inmates were not tortured as effectively as Nyamodi and Scott were.

9.  Terrell Scott was beaten so badly while imprisoned that he allegedly lost his hearing in one ear and his eyesight in one eye, and his jaw is misaligned. Terrell was made the cellmate of an HIV-positive inmate whose colostomy bag would overfill with infected urine and blood that spilled onto the floor of their small cell. Terrell had to clean the floor without latex gloves. Terrell was spat upon in his eyes with HIV-infected saliva, then tried to commit suicide because he knew he had been exposed to the HIV virus on top of being indefinitely detained without trial. Terrell was in a coma for a period of time. When Terrell recovered, he was thrown into torturous solitary confinement. 

10.  Scott withstood unbearable torture during five years of incarceration with trial denied after reporting child abuse that was investigated and found to be happening to Crystal's children. When the court calendared a trial date for Scott, either Phil Lauer, who was Scott's attorney, would ask for a continuance or the prosecutor would claim falsely that Scott was in a mental hospital and unavailable for trial. The prosecutor told this lie although Scott was imprisoned and awaiting his opportunity defend himself before a jury of his peers. 

11. No punitive action was taken against either officer of the court for conspiring to prevent due process of law for Terrell Scott, who is now back in prison for the "crime" of missing probation meetings, two while he was still incarcerated and one while he was committed to a mental hospital being treated for PTSD caused by the Pennsylvania injustice system. A hearing on Terrell's probation violation charge is scheduled for June 27.

12. Incredibly, Terrell's family retained yet another corrupt attorney to represent him. Glennis L. Clark, Esq. did not even bother to show up for his client's first hearing, but what he did do was outrageous. Terrell Scott reported to his mother that Clark prepared an Order that Judge Zito signed ordering Terrell into prison for six months as a drug/alcohol offender. Terrell has never used street drugs or alcohol. Neither has he ever failed a drug test or been charged with any violations regarding drunkenness or illegal drugs. Terrell is mentally ill and was at risk for abuse from inmates who are drug addicts and detoxing. 

13.  The U.S. justice system refuses to respect the human rights of mentally disabled people. My brother, Larry Neal, was secretly arrested and murdered in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003. His wrongful death was denied any inquest, investigation, and explanation, and his family is denied records about his fatal arrest. This happened although Shelby County Jail had already been sued by the USA for its pattern of abusing inmates' civil rights and placed under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ). When Larry was murdered, the USDOJ helped to cover-up the inmate's death rather than following the proper protocol. Larry's family endured lawyer fraud by The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm, which defrauded the Neals to keep the secret murder out of civil court, and we have been been financially persecuted, intimidated, and censored for nearly eleven years to keep Larry Neal's kidnapping and murder a government secret. 

14.  With the recent unexplained jailhouse death of Eileen DiNino, 55, of Reading, we learned that Pennsylvania is also locking up poor women, white and black, for small fines having to do with truant children. This is a cruel, lawless society where our most vulnerable citizens, people who lack wealth and sick people, are mistreated mercilessly by greedy infidels over the justice system who have no respect for God's law or man's. Debtors prisons are illegal, but that does not stop lawless prison investors. People must resist the tendency to tolerate injustices without resistance until they are themselves abused. Apathy is like a fertilizer for lawlessness.

15.  I numbered the TWENTY-ONE (21) paragraphs in this article to discourage stalkers (also known as "vengeful librarians") who ordinarily ignore my right to freedom of press and remove text and photos from my blog articles and hide my radio broadcasts. Stalkers are working right now to hide or corrupt the url to our Wednesday AIMI radio broadcasts at the signature line beneath this article. Our "Human Rights for Prisoners March" Blogtalkradio show taped on May 19 was offline for weeks, and some friends have complained that they are still not allowed to hear it. The show features two psychologists and an international human rights lawyer discussing ways to reduce America's 67.5 percent recidivism rate. Prison investors do not want recidivism reduced. I am censored to impede advocacy against colossal crimes by prison investors, police departments, and the federal government that happen regularly the United States of America.

16. More urls will be added to this article to prove allegations made herein. See in my censored blog, "Human Rights for Prisoners March," at "Pay Bond to Avoid Indefinite Detention"

17. A Florida judge became enraged when public defender refused to waive his client's right to a speedy trial and invited the attorney into the hall to fight. The judge allegedly beat the attorney's head. As the courtroom filled with the sound of forceful blows, the lawyer could be heard crying, "Alright! Alright!"

18.  Apparently, Terrell Scott was again double-crossed by his own attorney. The entire family is suffering from Legal Abuse Syndrome. Holly's father, who hired Phil Lauer, also hired Glennis L. Clark, the defense attorney who did not show up at Scott's first hearing on the probation violation charge. Scott's grandfather left his sickbed and went to the lawyer's office to fire him but was told Clark was not available. The frustration may have contributed to his need for emergency heart surgery last week. Holly Alston, who is still young, had a heart attack during the two months that Terrell was out of prison because of a continuous onslaught against her family by Pennsylvania officials. 

19.  CPS has apparently joined the persecution campaign and threatens Holly's youngest son, Kai, who is 10. (This will be covered in another article.) Treacherous defense attorneys made it necessary for Scott's family to try to manage his defense themselves although they have little knowledge about legal matters. Holly called the prison and was told that Scott should not have been on the detox floor, and he is now back with the general population. A young man like Scott could be worth millions over the course of his lifetime to prison investors, guilt or innocence notwithstanding. This family desperately needs an attorney who is NOT a prison profiteer, if Pennsylvania has any.

20. This article was updated June 23, 2014. This writer notes CoIntelPro interference and will therefore reproduce this article several times in other blogs and send it to other independent news sources for re-publishing. Mary Neal is as determined to have freedom of press as Holly Alston is to keep her family together in 21st century America, which has allegedly entered a post-racial era that no blacks noticed.

21. June 27, 2014 UPDATE: Terrell Scott's hearing was postponed until Wednesday, July 2, 2014. His probation officer was reportedly unavailable for the hearing due to a family emergency. Scott was unable to be assigned a public defender. His treacherous former attorney, Glennis L Clark, Esq., who did not bother to show up for his client's first probation hearing, has refused to remove his name as the acting attorney. He was fired two weeks ago by Terrell's grandfather, who paid for his legal services. The family assumes Clark remains on record as legal counsel on this case simply to block Scott from having adequate representation. More about Terrell Scott's case is in the article entitled "Mom Dies in PA Debtors Prison"

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Mentally Ill Americans Need Dog Justice. Treat mental illness medically, not legally. Advocate for U.S. Congress to pass H.R.3717 - Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act. Try to elect people who support human rights and justice for all, not prison profiteers.


Blippy said...

Stand strong and continue to fight and raise awareness

Ken Beeler said...

Been there done that also what he is suffering from is not PTSD but something very similar called LAS short for "Legal abuse syndrome" i feel so bad for what your going through!!!

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Hello, Ken Beeler. Glad you mentioned LAS. Terrell Scott's mother has that condition so badly that she had a heart attack since his prison release on March 5. The state continually pounds her family with one legal battle after another, and none of the issues result from wrongdoing on their part. I think most families experience LAS while one of their members is being prosecuted, especially when the members are actually innocent.

Thanks for commenting.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Thank you, Blippy. It was certainly a wake-up call when I learned that people are already being indefinitely detained and denied trials. I advocate against that provision in NDAA but did not know it is already being done to black youths and mentally ill people of all races. We appreciate your comment. Share the url for this article as a warning to other vulnerable people. Tell them they should NOT sign plea bargains on false charges, because that probably won't be the end of it. The system will then have their admission of a criminal background and may return with more false charges in a short time.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Holly Alston, Terrell's mother wrote:

Good morning Mary,
Last night Terrell wanted me to tell you thank u and thank u for believing in him and helping him. He's really scared about about his next hearing which is June 27, 2014. He was asking if u can let the public know that he's really scared and scared of Christopher Davis (the probation officer) because this time they will send him to a state prison.


Terrell Scott must rely on YOU and me, America. The USDOJ is paid YOUR tax money to protect the rights for disabled Americans and protect the rights of institutionalized people and see that nobody's civil rights are violated. But I have found that we cannot rely on the USDOJ. Please call and email the USDOJ and remind them of their duties regarding Terrell Scott at and (202)514.2000. Thanks in advance.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

The whole family is impacted when a member is subjected to cruelty and disregard of civil and human rights in the injustice system. Holly Alston, Terrell's mother, had a heart attack when the system doubled back to re-arrest her son, and his grandfather had emergency heart surgery last week. Please pray for Terrell and his traumatized family. They all suffer from extreme cases of Legal Abuse Syndrome.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

They're messing around with paragraph 17 - it is in a different font. Repeated below:

17. A Florida judge becomes enraged when public defender refused to waive his client's right to a speedy trial and offered the attorney into the hall to fight. The judge allegedly beat the attorney's head. The courtroom filled with the sound of forceful blows. The lawyer can be heard crying, "Alright! Alright!"

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

20. This article was updated June 23, 2014. This writer notes CoIntelPro interference and will therefore reproduce this article several times in other blogs and send it to other independent news sources for re-publishing. Mary Neal is as determined to have freedom of press as Holly Alston is to keep her family together in 21st century America, which has allegedly entered a post-racial era that no blacks noticed.

Eliseo Weinstein said...

Thanks for jotting all of these down. These should remind people that there's still flaws in the judicial system, and more work needs to be done to ensure that people get what is truly due to them. I hope these folks are given proper treatment, and all the means with which to minimize their burdens and their pains, while still holding them accountable to the standards with which we all live in. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the matter.

Eliseo Weinstein @ JRs Bail Bond